Elden Ring: A Video Game Review


If you liked Dark Souls One, Dark Souls Two, or even Dark Souls Three, you will definitely like Elden Ring. Elden Ring is a world filled with secret passages, new lore, and many new regions to explore. This game is set in a place called the Lands Between, where demigods rule over certain regions of the world in the wake of events that happened which caused the Elden Ring to be destroyed.

The world of Elden Ring has vast new regions, caves, and secrets that you can stumble upon without even meaning to go there. That’s the beauty of the game. It’s an open-world game. You can go anywhere in the game whenever you want, which contrasts with the old Dark Souls games where you have to follow a particular path to get where you want. For example, If you are stuck on a certain boss you have to continually try to beat it repeatedly until you finally beat it a million times later. Which can start to be frustrating if you’re having trouble with a boss and that’s all you can do in the game because you’re on a linear path.

Although, Elden Ring is a game you have to put a lot of hours into it to be able to actually finish the game and explore all of the areas that From Software has put into the game. If you don’t put the hours in like everyone else you will either finish the game and not find all of the secrets From Software has put in or you will just not finish the game in general because you didn’t put the amount of time necessary. The secrets in the game are all really worth searching around for because it will be more fun as a game for you in the long run.

Overall, if I had to give Elden Ring a grade I would give it an A+ because so far I’ve really enjoyed playing the game. It has many necessary components to making a good game that I have mentioned. Elden Ring is an open-world game and the game has many secrets that not everyone finds in it so if you put those hours in it will definitely be worth it in the long run.