How To Have Fun At Home During Spring Break


Image Source: Unsplash / freestocks

Students at Wyoming High School book your flights ladies and gentlemen because spring break is finally here! The anxiously anticipated week off of school has arrived.
Hearing whispers all over the school about trips to Florida, Arizona, and even Cabo has made me realize that my spring break is gonna be boring, but it doesn’t have to be. For those of you who are planning on staying home all spring break, here are some ways in which you guys can still have fun, even if you aren’t someplace warm!

Explore abandoned buildings
If you like the feel of adventure and adrenaline rush, I recommend finding abandoned buildings and checking them out. If you’re with friends or even just by yourself, this activity will surely create great memories for you.

Try new foods when grocery shopping.
If you’re like me and find grocery shopping fun, I strongly recommend getting foods that are a bit out of your comfort zone. Now if you’re hesitant because your stomach might not respond well, just remember you have no school for a week and food poisoning only lasts up to 4 days. Trying new foods or snacks may turn out to be one of the best things you do for yourself. You could potentially find a new snack that could become your new favorite. And if you’re friends ever ask for your recommendations you can show off your diversified palette.

Have a photoshoot
Even though you’re not going to be going places like Cancun or California, you can still have cool photos to show off that you spent your free time having fun. Go to an empty parking lot or to a cool spot in the forest. I believe that you are your best photographer. It may take a bit for you to get used to taking pictures by yourself but I guarantee that once you master the artistry of photography, you will have some pretty incredible outcomes.

Movie marathon night
If you’re a homebody like me I can guarantee you that this idea will greatly align with your preferences. Find a movie series or show that you know for sure you will not get bored of and plan to have a night solely committed to watching it. You could either go out and buy snacks and food to last you the entirety of the marathon or make your own snack mix. My tip to you if you do decide to choose this option is to make what I like to call a rabbit food mix. It consists of peanut m&ms, cashews, almonds, pretzels, and last but not least banana chips.

Sleep in
Now, this is my all-time favorite go-to activity whenever I have a day off school. It’s gonna be a long spring break if you choose to stay indoors all break. So while you have the chance I suggest sleeping in and resting. If anyone asks you what you did over spring break you can say I relaxed all break, because why not, it’s spring break after all.

Now that you have a few ideas of what to do over spring break if you happen to be staying in, you can be at least a bit prepared for the week to come. Remember: stay safe!