Kirby and the Forgotten Land Review

Kirby and the Forgotten Land Review

Kirby and the Forgotten Land is finally released with this time an open 3D world to explore. The next step with Kirby games has arrived with this most recent installment to the series.

The gameplay starts with the functions to play. The game offers simple basic jump and attack with only two buttons but you can combine either those two buttons making an interesting experience of combos moves from, sliding, charge attack, to even dodge and blocking.

Now apart from this in the basic gameplay comes abilities with two category types in the game. The first one is the ability to imitate the enemies’ abilities such as fire, sword, boomerang, musket, and others. In time you can upgrade for better gameplay further in the game. Now the other ability is to become objects as Kirby. You can use this new mechanic called mouthful mode and turn into objects such as a car, stairs, cones, and other things to complete a puzzle. It’s honestly super fun to mess around with these modes! The game tends to be more 3D-free roam with puzzles, action, and gameplay that has balanced challenges. It’s a simple yet satisfying game to play solo or co-op.

Moving away from gameplay is the story. A cutscene starts the story in a peaceful world of a star-shaped planet and out of nowhere a portal comes as the planet is being covered in blacked holes. The hero Kirby enters to save the day- portaling to a lost world. The Kirby gameplay was fun as I mentioned before- but you also can play with a friend in co-op world as the game has challenges around. You can also return to any town in order to upgrade weapons or simply play a minigame.

With the story moving forward, an unexpected villain appears. The lord is chaotic and interesting for a kid-friendly game. Towards the ending, it appears the powerful entity is stopped by the heroic pink ball Kirby once again.

Getting to explore more areas in the game is new and fresh to most Kirby games being 3D open-world as the title indicates forgotten lands being in a dystopian wildlife city to factories thought the missions. The game takes about 10 hours to beat casually if wanting to complete it fully and gives two options to play- wild mode and peaceful. This sets the setting to either easy mode with fewer enemies attacking you or normal difficulty where most enemies attack you. However, both difficulties have the same gameplay. In the end, anyone interested in playing Kirby and the Forgotten Land will have a fun time with extra modes, fun gameplay, and an interesting story.