Mr. Sigler is One of the Best


Teacher Profile: Irvin Sigler

From Northern Michigan to Wyoming High School Irvin Sigler, who exactly is Irvin Sigler? He is a teacher here at Wyoming High School who has been here since 2017. He is awesome, respectful, and one of the best teachers we have.
Not all teachers like the same thing, some of them do, but most of the time they have their own favorite thing. “My favorite thing to do is to hang out with my family. I love to cook. I like to fly fish and I love when I can do all three things in the same weekend,” he affirmed.
Sigler mentioned learning another language and most of the time people don’t have the chance to learn. “I would like to learn Spanish,” he said. “Unfortunately, when I was younger I didn’t take the opportunity that I had seriously and I’ll make sure that all of my four children can have a lot of education on speaking Spanish because I don’t want them to miss the opportunity that I missed.”
Sometimes people don’t like the way they are or the things they do or didn’t do and want them to happen now or change that way it was. “There’s never one thing that you want to change, so it’s a lot of things,” he confirmed. “I think that one thing I would change is, again going back to speaking Spanish. I would love to be able to converse with students who speak Spanish. So that would be one thing I would change,” he agreed.
All students, teachers or staff want to go to new places and it is good to relax or take some vacations so people are not stressed all the time. “I would go to Alaska and I would fish the waters of Alaska. The rivers and other than that probably go to Australia, just to experience the culture,” he said.
We have all been or done something crazy which after time is a joke, and those memories are good to remember because that is what life means. We all are not perfect, but we are being ourselves. “I’ve done a lot of crazy things and they are classified. I think the craziest thing I did was to drop my keys in a lake right after the ice went out and it was really cold and I had to dive into the lake and find my keys, and I came very close to having hypothermia, but I found my keys.” he said.
Then he went on to explain what being part of Wyoming High School means to him and all of us have different experiences and that is what makes us a family. “I love it here, I love the kids, I love the vibrance, I love the culture. I feel very lucky because I get to learn from my students everyday, and the fact that we have such a diverse student body is just a huge benefit to me,” he expressed.