NHS VS Key Club

Two of the biggest clubs at Wyoming High School faced off this past Monday, March 7th, to a few ‘friendly’ games. Those clubs were the pristine National Honor Society and the charitable Key Club, which have been compared to each other for the longest time. Finally, the two clubs duke it out in the school cafeteria.
First, what are the clubs all about exactly? They are both similar clubs requiring volunteer hours. They help out at different school events, such as Key Club helps out at a lot of sporting events. NHS works helps out the food trucks at the elementary schools and does the carnation sale every Valentine’s season.
However, the one difference between the two is you have to keep a high GPA and apply to get into NHS while everybody can join Key Club. Although they both have team presidents and officers, making they are similar in many ways.
With them being so similar, it only seems right for the two clubs to find out who is on top. They decided this by playing a multitude of games such as musical chairs, capture the flag, tug of war, red light green light, and games including hula hoops as well as balloons.
“It was very fun and competitive!” Adriana Ortiz, a member of NHS, exclaimed. “It was funny seeing everyone get so heated for their club.”
Many games did get quite competitive, such as capture the flag. Lots of accidentally running into tables occurred and tugging at the flags. Both teams had to turn to rock paper scissors to decide the winner (which ended up being Key Club).
“Capture the flag was extremely interesting,” Arianna Perez, another member of NHS, stated. “I think it’s funny we had to throw the whole game for rock paper scissors.”
However, the overall winner of the games ended up being NHS, winning 4-2. Although, a lot of the games cut it extremely close between the two.
It was overall a great experience for everybody involved. It was beneficial to finally interact and get to know each other better instead of being constantly compared.
Despite the games being a friendly yet aggressive competition, we now know who finally reigns supreme – NHS.