Wolves win first District Championship, fall short in Regional Semifinals


For the first time in Wyoming Wolves history, our boys won a District Championship. Although we had a heartbreaking loss to West Ottawa, the 2021-22 team will always be champions.

The District Championship game was a highly anticipated game for both us, and East Grand Rapids. The Pioneers are a decently tall team that stays with itself the whole game. We had to play great defense in order to lock down the Pioneers.

The first quarter tipped off with a quick start for the Pioneers, going on a pretty great run. The Pioneers were knocking down their shots early, and we knew that you can’t win and rush the game. We had to slow down EGR’s pace in order to capitalize on the victory.

The second quarter was pretty much the same and we ended up having about the same score at halftime.

The 2nd half was a lot different than the 1st. We recognized what needed to be done and did that. Quadir Hatchett and Jaleil Holt both had a lot of buckets and free throws. But the main story in this game was Ramere Draper. Draper scored double-digits in just the 3rd quarter. Draper was on fire and the Pioneers couldn’t stop him.

The 4th quarter was a little bit closer, but it was an easy path to victory. After many Pioneer fouls and many more free throws, the final buzzer blared and the Wolves were victorious.

Coach Vanderklay hoisted the trophy high as it was his first district championship in over a decade. The whole student section ran onto the court and it was time to celebrate.

This past Monday we played West Ottawa in the Regional Semifinals. The refs were not good at all, but we had an off night. There’s not much to say about the game, but we know that West Ottawa will be pounded by Northview.