Dungeons and Dragons: The Ancient Game


D&D is a really old game first of all, not an accident or anything. D&D itself stands for Dungeons and Dragons. The tabletop role-playing game came out in 1974, 58 years ago. It’s a pretty simple game to play, it just takes a game to get a hold of. Every person is playing to create their character along with the backstory of that character for the game. You make your character anything from what’s a playable character inside the handbooks or talk to your DM, Dungeon Master, about making a homebrew character.
But what’s a Dungeon Master? The Dungeon Master is the person who is running the game. They’re the ones that tell the adventure. From making friendly NPCs, nonplayable characters, to making enemies, underlying plots, and the BBEG, the big bad guy. A very important thing to know is whatever the DM said goes, they don’t have to play exactly by the book they can make their own rules, every table and story can be completely different depending on whoever is the DM.
How do you make a character? It’s pretty simple, websites like D&D beyond can help you get a ton of information on just gameplay and how to make your character and there are a lot of ways to write everything about your character down. There are apps, paper copies, and some small businesses that sell journals to make characters. The longest part of the game is making your character because you need to do everything from making a backstory to picking what kind of creature they are, what skills they have, and a lot of other things.
How do you even play the game? D&D uses a lot of imagination. Most of the time it’s done in person but there are things like Roll20 that allow you to have online games. All you need is the dice which include the D4, D6, D8, D10, D12, and D20. It all depends on what your character is doing or what your DM says to use on what die you use.
Why was the game made? Who made it? D&D was made by Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson and the first edition was published in 1974. Right now we’re on edition 5, released in 2014. The modeled the game from “Miniature Wargames” from the variation “Chainmail” serving as the first initial rule system. D&D wanted to depart from the traditional wargaming, giving everyone a chance to become a player instead of playing as a military force. Despite competition throughout the years, D&D has remained the market leader of role-playing games.
How do I make a backstory? Backstories are pretty simple. There’s not much your backstory needs and a lot of it ties into character building. In D&D there are a ton of backgrounds to choose from. You can look up D&D backgrounds to find all of them and figure out what they mean and do. So you work your background into your story, where you’re from, what species your character is, and why you’re adventuring. You just need that for your DM to be able to build off of it but you can make it as long as you want. The more information you put down or more story building the more your DM can put into the game.
How do I get into D&D? There are lots of easy ways. There are little hangouts in towns that will let you play. Roll20 as mentioned earlier has games you can join and a way you can friend people or even be a DM for your own game. Just find a group you have fun with and are okay with their rules and have fun!
What if I don’t have everything to play? You don’t need a whole lot, most things you make or can get made online for free. Even dice, you use an online dice, it won’t have the same feeling as actually rolling. Everything can be found online for free and/or cheap.
In the end, D&D is an old and fun game that has lasted a few decades, it’s changing and always able to put everyone’s own rules into place. D&D is a mix of imagination and tabletop board games, give it a try, get an adventure in, have some fun!