Album Review: Being so Normal


Peach Pit is a band that began in 2016 with four members all trying to create a musical project. Party. Peach Pit has a unique sound and describes themselves as alternative Indie pop. The album Being So Normal released in 2017 has nine songs on it, those being: Drop the Guillotine, Being So Normal, Techno Show, Alrighty Aphrodite, Chagu’s Sideturn, Not Me, Hot Knife, Private Presely, and Tommy’s party. 99% of listeners enjoyed this album and it is on CDs, records, digital downloads and streaming services.
Guitar is used very heavily in all of their songs across all of their albums, the rhythmic guitar being played by Neil Smith and the bass being played by Peter Wilton. The drum tends to blend into the guitar in each song being played by Mikey Pascuzzi. The lead singer, Neil Smith, has a very sweet voice that blends wonderfully with the rest of the band’s playing.
The first song on the album, Drop the Guillotine, has a great beginning beat. When it begins it’s instantly recognizable and has you in the mood to dance and sing along. The chorus is catchy and fun to sing along with and it’s a nice mixture of being upbeat and chill enough to just listen to, or even take a nap to if you’re tired. The song does a wonderful job of making the chorus sound different with how loud or softly it is sung or what the instruments are doing while the singer changes. Overall I would give this song a 10/10.
The next on their album is Being so Normal. The guitar to start as always is very catchy and soft. It’s a nice peaceful song that goes slowly to begin with. The vocals are all a very similar note most of the song which gives a very unique feel but also makes it feels like he’s only speaking over the instruments. There’s also a beautiful guitar solo in this song with a sweet mix of the drums in the background. This is what plays for about the last half of the song, it changes enough to not make it feel like it’s been going on forever though. Overall I would give this song a 9/10 just because the singular note in the singing does make it feel like he’s just speaking.
Third on their album is Techno Show. The song starts immediately, having a very upbeat and catchy feeling to it, he carries his notes beautifully and pairs well with the guitars and drums. Between verses there’s small guitar solos which gives the songs a beautiful vibe. It’s very upbeat and a friendly feel from how everything pairs together.
Up next is Alrighty Aphrodite. I’ve always loved how this song starts up, soft guitar, more of beating on the rim of the drum, it blends well together and gives a sweet vibe. The vocals are softer and more relaxed in this song. Only the chorus really picks it up and gives it energy. The vibe of the song fits the low energy however. Overall I would give this song a 10/10
After that is Chagu’s Sideturn, it starts up with a beat that feels like it’s from the sixity, filled with energy and movement. His voice pairs well with the energy introduced in this song like always. The changes in his voice instead of the instruments give it a unique feel. This song receives an 8/10.
Sixth on the list is Not Me, it starts up with a guitar riff then transitions into a mesmerizing beat. The whole feel of this song feels fast and yet slow. The vocals and background work amazingly together in this song keeping up the mythical pacing. Overall this song is yet another 10/10!
After Not Me is Hot Knife. The song starts soft, the whole song has a very relaxed and peaceful feeling to it. A song you could stare at the ceiling with, or one you could have in a more peaceful relaxing playlist. The vocals in this song seem louder than the instruments, pushing how calming the song really is. I have to give this song 10/10
Eighth is Private Presley. This song starts up with one of the most unforgettable chords I’ve ever heard. The first note and you know what this song is. It’s by far one of my favorite songs, from how the vocals pair with the instruments in an eire mix of peace, joy, and sadness. A 10/10 is too low of a rating to give it in my opinion but that’s as high as the scale goes.
And the final song on the album is Tommy’s Party. This song also has some pretty recognizable chords. The voice in this song is higher, almost like something not human but inherently good is singing it. The soft chords and the iconic vocals in this song make me give it a 9/10. Only less than a 10 because it is just a little hard to follow the instruments under his voice.
Overall this album has some pretty wonderful music. Like most of Peach Pits music, the songs are a bit longer. The shortest song on this album is 3:30 and the longest is six minutes. The album overall gets a 9/10 for me. There were some things that didn’t click just right but all of the songs are amazing and a nice mix of songs to jam to and songs to just exist calmly to. The Being So Normal Album is one of my favorite albums and I highly recommend checking it out along with the other albums and individual releases Peach Pit has made. Along with their new album coming out March 4th this year!