Advice For Incoming Seniors

So you’re going to be a senior next year huh? Well let me tell you this, it is nothing like High School Musical.
In the past couple of months of being a senior, I have learned a few things. Things that I can hopefully pass on to future seniors. Don’t take the memories for granted. Sure you’re gonna experience some weird things but that can happen any day whether a senior or not, the point is, those moments are what for some may be the most cherished moments. If you’re a freshman, junior, sophomore, or just anyone who hasn’t reached senior year yet, I encourage you to make the most out of your senior year. Try out for that team, for that role, even for that friendship.
I believe that the most commonly used phrase people say is that senior year is your best year. I can say from experience that, while there may be some pretty great moments and opportunities in your senior year, it can still have its downsides. Last-minute credits and inevitable goodbyes are bound to happen. It can be just as much of a sad year as it can be a happy one. If you’re someone who is just waiting to graduate, living day by day, I hope that your senior year can change your viewpoint. Not to one of longing for graduation but to one of cherishing every moment.
One thing I will say for sure is that senioritis is a real thing. The idea that because it is our last year and we’re the ‘Top Dogs’, as they say, of the school means that we have room to slack off is mind-boggling how much it exists. Tardies and absences are more of a mere annoyance to some and others, it’s still something that is just as important as it was 2 years ago. Grades depend on what you did as a student in the past couple of years. As someone who completely try harded in my first 2 years of high school, grades have been hard-wired to be a priority. However, for some, it can be different so to those who are reading this hoping to learn something from a current senior, my advice to you is to always keep in mind that the effort you put in your classes can show in your grades.
The biggest advice I can give to anyone reading this would be that with every year along comes stress, which is why your senior year should be one where you can hopefully break that stereotype and have a stress-free year. Friendships and relationships will come and go, some sooner than others but a year filled with worrying and doubts is not a year you want to end your senior year on.