Freshman Coming To High School

As you guys know the 9th graders will be coming to the high school as our new sophomore and I don’t think nobody is going to like that it is going to be a new adjusting personally. I’m not that excited for the 9th graders to come up to the high school just because it is going to be very chaotic. You know there is about 1,000 kids in this school already maybe. Even more then you have a whole freshman grade coming up to the high school I mean don’t get me wrong I know the seniors are going to leave but its still going to be crowded.
Its going to be new adjusted for everyone once the freshman come to the high school they supposed to have there own wing of the school the freshman wing so they are post to have their own little space in the school but honestly we are going to see how long that is going to last these are freshman they are definitely immature they probably wont listen so its going to be tough but i guess im excited for other students get to see their siblings at the same school as them and being able to help them around the school and helping them with their school work.
But my only question is what would the new freshman think of the high school will they think its bigger than the junior high school and will they think they have more freedom at the high school vs the middle school, them being able to compare the two schools together. I even heard that some of the 9th grade teachers will be coming to the high school to teach the 9th graders so that a good thing that we know that it will be enough teachers to teach the freshman and some of my teachers from 9th grade is coming so I’m excited to see them it feels like I haven´t seen them in forever so I’m sure some of my other students are happy about seeing their middle school teachers.