Spring Sports: Upcoming Preview


Spring sports are coming up and everybody has different feelings about them. Spring sports also mean that winter sports will wrap up and it’s hard for everyone to say goodbye to the basketball season. Wyoming High School offers many spring sports so anybody can be involved in anything.
The girls’ soccer team starts up again soon and they look to improve their team and record compared to last season. They open their season with a home game against the Lee Rebels. Some say they will do great while others say that they still have a lot of work to do. Former All-Conference player Abigail Kramer believes that “the team will be horrible.” This isn’t what most people want to hear, but that’s the ugly truth. Other players like Stella Biriouk believe that they can “do great if we work as a team.”
Baseball and softball season are ready for a long season, with the softball team looking to win the conference once again. Many softball players are seniors, with players like Trista Werkema looking to play at Aquinas next season. The baseball team lost in districts last season but players like Justin Deboer believe that they will have an outstanding season once again. The softball team was finally recognized for their district wins, being embedded in the rafters forever. Both teams have to travel a long way just to play some teams that are not even that good of a team when it comes to spring sports. Muskegon tends to struggle with baseball and softball, having a lot more time to practice for their dominant performances in football and basketball.
A lot of students participate in track and field. We have almost every athlete participate in an event. Senior’s like Tajuan Parks and Josiah Anderson are very versatile runners when they’re on the track, and they look to set some personal records, possibly bringing some trophies back home. Tajuan recently committed to Indiana Tech to pursue his running career. Some underclassmen have a lot of confidence in themselves with sophomore Donavyn Edwards saying that “I’ll be all-conference.” Hopefully what he says is true, showing other schools what he is made of.
Some smaller sports are also starting up again as well. Golf and girl’s tennis are looking to gain some recognition. Golf isn’t a competitive sport, at least that’s what I think. In tennis, you’re running back and forth so tennis seems like it should be recognized for something. Wyoming tends to have a lot of people participate when it comes to tennis, but All-Conference star Logan Bos thinks that more people should sign up in the coming years because a lot of current players are seniors.
Overall, the introduction of spring sports will be a positive thing for people even considering going into any of these sports.