California or Alaska?

Alaska and Southern California have very different climates, yet people still live in both. From snowy, arctic temperatures to the hot, dry grounds the differences in living conditions are dramatically different.
In Alaska the climate is harsh and it averages 20-10 degrees in the winter. In the summer, the temperature ranges anywhere from 25-75 degrees. Snow, for most of us, comes in the winter. However, in some parts of Alaska snow can happen any time of the year. Based on the area where you live in Alaska, the weather could vary but the temperatures are mostly the same. In southeast Alaska, they receive about 275 inches of precipitation yearly whereas Anchorage only receives about 16 inches of precipitation and only 75 inches of snow.
As opposed to the endless amounts of precipitation happening in Alaska, California receives low to moderate precipitation depending on the location. The summers are hot and dry which is drastically different then the Alaskan winters where it only gets up to about 65 degrees and is mostly wet.
The scenic views of Alaska to some would be enough to move there. The Denali National Park and Preserve have the highest mountain in North America, it’s just one of the many sightseeing excursions you can enjoy. Hiking on Mount McKinley, swimming in the lakes during the summer and even visiting old gold mines are all pretty fun things to enjoy while living there. Another thing, you wake up to the breathtaking views everyday.
If you are looking for more of a social place to live, California is definitely the place for you. With Los Angeles being populated with 3.967 million people, finding a place no one has been to is quite the mission. Opposite to the lively life of the L.A go-ers, places like the Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve help take your mind off of the chaotic life downtown.
From the quiet, placid views of Alaska to the chaotic lifestyle of California, the climates are fit for anyone so now you decide, Alaska or California?