Is Senioritis Real?

Flowers start to spring, the warm breeze picks up, and the birds start chirping. The whole atmosphere just radiates a new season- spring. But with spring comes a whole other problem for certain high school students, specifically seniors. The horrid disease that causes grades to fall like no tomorrow- senioritis. Is it real? Or is it just an excuse for older students to give up so soon?
If sweatpants, skipping class, and refusing to do homework have recently entered your life, I’m afraid to diagnose you with a case of senioritis.
As a senior myself, the end is so close and the motivation to do anything dies down. Although I know my grades still matter at this very moment, it still seems so pointless as it drags on further and further.
After being in high school for four years, all that’s really on your mind by the time March or April rolls around is graduation and the last day for seniors. It’s hard to keep pushing through assignments and projects when all you want to do is walk across the stage and get your piece of paper saying “congratulations! You did it!”.
The boredom that comes with high school is extremely difficult to come to terms with as a senior, even the most exciting activities, just don’t make the cut anymore. All that comes to mind is “wow, I could be at home right now,”. Which screams senioritis as it comes with apathy, lack of motivation, and carelessness. The overwhelming feeling of “I’m done,” affects most seniors.
“I think senioritis is real,” Illiana Valdez-Ortega, a senior at Wyoming High School, explained, “we’re all just extremely tired and trying to push through these next couple months before graduation.”
It’s also frustrating for us as it is parents or teachers, I want to show up to school with motivation and the energy to do work like I used to, but it’s difficult knowing that the end of it all is closer than ever.
Senioritis may also happen because instead of wanting to stay engaged in class and work hard, seniors want to make the last memories of their high school years with all of their friends. High school is only a once-in-a-lifetime experience, seniors want to make it count while they can instead of wasting their night away at a desk writing an essay.
“I definitely think senioritis is real,” Miles Rabanzo, another senior said, “even though I don’t show senioritis through my attendance, I show it through my schoolwork.”
Most seniors are affected by this crippling disease, even myself, and the only known cure for it is graduation and knowing that we won’t ever have to set foot in the building ever again (despite how beautiful it is).
However, the consequences of senioritis linger as grades drop and absences spike up. So what should we do to stop this humorous “disease”?
“Senioritis is not an excuse for laziness,” Mr. Cornell, a teacher here at Wyoming High School said, “It can be prevented and stopped by staying engaged in class and focused.”
He may not be wrong when he says this. While maintaining a challenging course load might be difficult, it’s not impossible if seniors stay committed and keep a calendar of deadlines.
However… seniors can be pretty hard to control. It all comes down to the specific senior if they overcome senioritis or not. If they at least show up to class, I think that’s a win in the book right there.