Top 5 Songs You Cant Skip

Top 5 Songs You Cant Skip

Sometimes when I put my favorite songs on shuffle, I tend to skip some of them. It’s just not the vibe anyway. Here are the top 5 songs by the one and only Rihanna, that you can’t skip.

Needed Me

If you listen to this song, and you skip it… you are crazy, this song is nothing but VIBES !! I think Rihanna put drugs in her songs because they are addicting. This song came out back in 2016, almost 6 years ago. The “meaning” to this song is basically that she had a night with someone, and they wanted her, but she didn’t want them. If you listen to the lyrics closely, you can actually figure out the meaning. For example the opening line, “I was good on my own, that’s the way it was, that’s the way it was” and “But baby, don’t get it twisted”. And this lyric as well, “Bet you never could imagine, Never told you could have it” there are other lyrics that make more sense but I recommend searching them up. Overall, this song is a solid 10/10, this song deserves no skips.

Yeah, I Said It.

Right away, the beat doesn’t go too long when she starts singing already. I think I like the beat and melody to this song more than the lyrics and voice itself. This song is very dreamy in my opinion, I can’t really explain the feeling but it’s very dreamy I could say. Out of ten, this song is rated VIBES/10. It’s a very good song. As well as needed me, this song came out on the same album ANTI, back in 2016. Not sure if I can talk about the lyrics, but if we forget the meaning of the song and focus on how soothing this song really is.

Same Ol’ Mistakes

This song is very popular, not so much by Rihanna, but by the creator of this song, Tame Impala. Either way, both make this song have such vibes. I’m not sure if the beat of this song is good or the singer, but both are perfect. Rihanna sings this song with a lot of passion just like her other songs, which makes it sound good because Rihanna sang it. But Kevin Parker’s voice and way of singing is unique and appealing. I like this song by both artists, but if I had to rate Rihanna’s song, I would give it an 8.5/10. I like the voice, the beat, overall it’s a good song, and most definitely a song you can’t skip.


I feel like if this song didn’t have SZA it wouldn’t sound complete. It’s like SZA put the cherry on top with this song. Both voices together in one song sounds so well blended, and listening to this has very good vibes. This song is what you would expect from Rihanna’s style of music and style of singing. I think that my favorite thing about this song is their singing. When SZA sings, “When I look outside my window, I can get no piece of mind”, I think that has to be my favorite part of the whole song just because of the way they sing it.

Love on the Brain

Of course, I had to include Love on the Brain. I used to remember this song being so good, and it still is. Something about this song, that you can’t come to skip. Who knows, maybe it’s the feeling of nostalgia or the music to the ears which makes this song not shippable. Although I like this song, I overplayed it too much over the years. So, this song gets a rating of 7.5/10, but it’s a good song (I promise).

At this point, this article should be called albums you can’t skip because Rihanna’s entire “ANTI” album is worth listening to till the end. If you ever need something new to listen to, consider listening to “ANTI” who knows, something on that album might be your new favorite song.