What’s new in the upcoming spring sports?

Soon enough the winter months are coming to an end and that means spring is just around the corner.
As of March 14, 2022 the spring sports are able to start. The sports are softball, baseball, track, Covid, this season is back to normal with no Covid protocols and the athletes are in full game mode. The seasons were shortened about a month last year, so the athletes will get more opportunities to play this year and the student body here will get even more chances to go support our fellow classmates.
Two years ago, the 2020 season, these spring athletes were not able to have a season at all. Because that was at the peak of covid MHSAA came to the decision it was safer to not have them play at all. With that being said I’m sure these players are excited to go back to “normal”.
If you are looking for a sport to play this spring definitely go try out for one! They are always looking for more players. The golf team, boys and girls, is very inclusive and no experience is necessary. You can learn new skills and make new connections to people you may have not known before. Another fun sport that is always looking to add to their program is girls tennis. One last sport that will always welcome new people is track and field . They’re so many events that you could try out and see if you like it. Not to take away from the other sports teams, because every team is very inclusive and accepting here at Wyoming High School.
The first games of the season are on March23. Boys junior varsity baseball team and girls junior varsity softball team will both play home at 4:15pm. Then the girls junior varsity and varsity team will both play home. The first game will be at 5:00pm and then varsity will play at 6:45pm. Don’t forget that all home events at Wyoming High School are free, so come support your teams! This spring season we are expecting to keep seeing success from the varsity softball team. Last year they took second place in regionals and are hoping to come back this year with the championship win. They ladies would love to see your support at some of their games.
You can see their schedule along with the other teams schedule at https://wyoming.bigteams.com/. A lot of these spring sports team coaches you’ll be able to see in our buildings, as in they are a part of the district staff. So if you have any questions you will be able to go up to them personally and maybe even meet them for the first time. That will give you an opportunity to create a better bond with a new staff member. In less than a month our spring sport athletes will be playing in their games representing our school. GO WOLVES!