Mrs. Trentham loves teaching students who are new to the U.S.

Mrs. Trentham teaches new students who are also new to the United States and don’t speak English. The students that Mrs. Trentham teaches stay with her for three hours of the day and they work on how to read, write and speak English. It’s typically a smaller class but there are always new additions. Specifically this year there have been more students with Mrs. Trentham than usual. The class is different because everyone is at different levels in reading and writing than in the usual classroom.
Her students are motivated and have a great attitude about school. “The students that are in my class are just really grateful to be in the United States,” said Mrs. Trentham. “A lot of the time when the bell rings they just keep doing their work. They want to be able to speak English.”
She has students that come from mostly Spanish speaking countries but this year she has two from Africa!
This year, Mrs. Trentham has mostly male students, and the more comfortable they get the more fun the class gets.
”They joke around a lot in Spanish but it’s fun when they start trying it out in English and get more comfortable,” she said.
Since they come from all around the world they all have different cultures and stories they like to share. If it’s their first year here, the snow and the freezing weather is a big deal.
”It’s like big kids running to the windows all excited to see that it’s snowing,” she said.
Since they all come from different places they experience different ways of living and some have gone through a lot. Some of the students that come here aren’t even with their parents or all their siblings, they come here with aunts and uncles. They miss the family that they have in their home country.
“As a mom I can’t imagine not having my kids in the same country as me,” Mrs. Trentham explained. “But at the same time their moms wanted them to be here and learn to speak English and they are very grateful for it,” she said.
The hardest thing about her job is teaching students that are all at different levels.
“Some come and haven’t been to school in five years or maybe ever,” she continued. “Some have never been in a cafeteria before or used a chromebook before.”
With all that being said, Mrs. Trentham is somebody who is irreplaceable in this school and is a major help to everyone involved.