Valentine’s Day gift ideas!


The first valentine was sent in the 15th century. Guess what it was- a poem! Yes you heard that right, something so meaningful and filled with words of expression. Perhaps there are other ways you can show your love for someone. Like making them a homemade gift that they wouldn’t be able to get anywhere else or a dessert you could share with them. Especially when you want that perfect gift but don’t have enough in your pockets, here is how you can still buy and make the perfect Valentine’s day gift on a budget.
Our first idea comes from Dollar Tree, now this store has all the supplies you’ll need to come up with something creative. One craft that I saw was making a “love banner”. You’ll need a pool noodle, balloons and some adhesive like tape or glue. Then the main masterpiece to the whole project is the “love” balloon sign. I’ve seen these at Dollar Tree and they should be at your local stores too. But if for whatever reason you can’t find it, you can always use something else for the centerpiece. Like a sign or even a heart and some ribbon. So first you’re going to take your pool noodle and cut it in half, you’ll need to tape both ends together and then flip it the opposite way and tape again. This will make it into the shape of a heart. After you have the frame made, you’re going to want to take your balloons and blow them up of course, then stick them variously around the heart until the frame is completely covered. Once you have the frame you can add in the center your sign. This is a great addition to your gift, you can hand this to them with some candy and let them know you made what you gave them.
Another one that captured my attention was the bear in the basket. Only using tissue paper and candy! This one was absolutely adorable and super clever. Also all from a Dollar Tree, you’ll need a basket (any of your choice), a stuffed animal, their favorite candy, and a container. The most important thing that you’ll need to do is attach the base together with the candy and a dowel of some kind. If not, you can always just place the box of candy in the basket. So, first you’re going to want to lay some tissue paper down inside the basket, if you want you can even find other decorations to attach to the basket to make it more festive! Then take the container you got, a hot glue gun, and attach the candy to the inside of the container. Now you can put it all together, place the stuffed animal in the basket and the candy. Now you’re left with this gift that is very thoughtfully put together and is super cute.
Lastly, one of my favorites was the napkin holder heart and candy gift. This one was really interesting how they used a kitchen utility to make a masterpiece. Also from Dollar Tree, you’ll need a napkin holder, a foam heart, candy, flowers, paint, and beads. First, you take the foam heart and attach it to the top of the napkin holder so that it will be easier to paint red. After, you’re going to add the beads you got and glue them to the heart (optional). Then begin gluing flowers at the base of the holder until it’s completely full. You’re then going to add the candy down the center and around the base. It’s such an adorable idea and it would make a great centerpiece for any table.

Often homemade gifts mean a lot more than store bought ones such as a box of chocolates or flowers. So get your hot glue gun and creativity on!