Who is Mr Cherry?


In his second year of teaching at Wyoming, Mr. Cherry is already loved by his students and peers. We are all glad to have Mr. Cherry at our school.

From landscaping with friends in High School to teaching 100+ students a day, Mr. Cherry has put in a lot of hard work to get to where he is today. Before Wyoming, Mr. Cherry was a teacher at Universal Learning Academy, Romulus High School, and Grand River Prep. He has been a teacher for over six years and this is his second year teaching at Wyoming.

On a daily basis, Mr. Cherry teaches three different courses. He teaches U.S. history, World History, and an online course of Economics for middle college. Mr. Cherry attended 3 different colleges. He attended Eastern Michigan, Northwestern Michigan, and Ferris State University.

When Mr. Cherry isn’t teaching, he can be found watching Michigan State lose to Ohio State in football. He also likes visiting lighthouses and spending time with friends.

Not only is Mr. Cherry a good teacher but he is also a nice person. Many people are inspired by people like Tom Brady or LeBron James but that’s not the case here. Mr. Cherry had a better answer, he’s inspired by his dad. “He came from a small town in northern Michigan and became a single father of two young boys,” said Mr. Cherry. “Pretty soon after I was born he was starting his career in automotive engineering, despite all of that, he was still able to rise to the top of his profession before retiring just a few years ago.”

Even though his career at Wyoming may have just started, Mr. Cherry wants to stay a wolf. “I have worked in quite a few buildings around the state in different areas and I feel like Wyoming is a good fit for me,” Mr. Cherry said. “I like what Mr. Baumbach and the staff have put together here.”

I was glad I was able to have a chance to interview Mr. Cherry. He is a good teacher that’ll continue to inspire Wyoming students for a very long time.