Students from around the world find a home at WHS

Students from other countries learn English at Wyoming High School

Not everything in life comes easy, but neither is it impossible. If you want it, you look forward to it. New students at WHS are learning English and it’s proven to be hard, but not impossible for them to learn a new language
. “Sometimes I feel bad because I don’t understand what they’re saying,” said Oslin de Leon, a 12th grader. “But now I feel good because I feel that I’m progressing”.
“It is a little hard for me to learn because I don’t understand everything,” said Ana Herandez, a 10th grader.
“Yes, it is hard because sometimes I don’t understand,” said Levi, an 11th grader.
Learning another language is an opportunity that not everybody has a chance to do, but it can help you to get a better understanding and have a better future in other countries.
“I think learning a new language can help me to have better opportunities and a better job,” said Oslin.
“Yes, it is going to help me because I can find a better job and have better communication with other people,” said Ana.
“Yes, it is going to help me in the future because I can have more opportunities and a better job,” said Levi.
When students are new in a country their first days of school are not good at all. Some students get confused when they are at school. “I felt bad because everyone was talking in English and I couldn’t talk to them because I didn’t know any English,” said Oslin.
“I felt really confused because I didn’t know where the classes were. The students and teachers talked to me in English and I didn’t know how to answer them,” said Ana.
“I felt shiny and nervous because I didn’t have friends and sometimes I felt alone,” Levi said.
Some students who know the language of the country find it a bit difficult to take the classes they receive, now students who do not know and do not understand the language find the classes very difficult.
“At the beginning, it was difficult for me because I didn’t know any English, and I didn’t understand anything,” said Oslin, “but now my classes are easier”.
“Not really because I had the teachers’ help in each of my classes and they explained to me things I didn’t get,” said Ana.
“Yes at first it was difficult for me because I didn’t understand anything,” said Levi
When students are new at schools and they don’t speak the language they get confused because they don’t know what the other students or teachers are saying.
“At the beginning, people confused me because I didn’t understand,” said Oslin. “Now I can talk to them because I’m learning English,” Oslin said.
“Yes, it was very confusing for me because I didn’t understand all the words they said, just some things,” she said.
“Sometimes it was confusing for me because I didn’t know what they were talking about,” said Levi.
Not all the students get to understand the language in a short time, some of them take years to get better at English, but some of them don’t.
“I think I’m learning English faster because I’m coming to school every day so that helps me a lot,” said Oslin.
“I think I’m learning English slower because there are many things to learn, many adjectives, the verbs and all of that is not easy to learn,” said Ana.
“I think I’m learning faster because I practice at home and at school,” said Levi.
New students come to school to learn new things, but sometimes they don’t practice English at all, but students at Wyoming High School strive to give their best every day. “I do practice with my cousins at home and I do at work too,” Oslin said.
“Yes I do at home and work,” said Ana.