Lions trick plays get them the win at Ford Field

The Detroit Lions pulled out the whole playbook throughout the game against the Packers on January 9. It was as if they saved all of their trick plays and used them against the Packers in the last game of the season, and at Ford Field too.

When the Packers came from Green Bay I don’t think they were ready for what was about to hit them. The Lions were able to take control of the game and the Packers didn’t really have any type of chance of coming back in that game. Especially since Aaron Rodgers got pulled out for the second half of the game because they didn’t want him to get injured, but he needed to at least play some football so he wouldn’t be playing football for two weeks and then just go straight to the divisional and possibly be rusty.

Nevertheless the Lions did end up winning against the Packers in a delightful fashion. Dan Campbell was able to recycle the whole playbook and use all the creative plays he had available. An example of a trick play they did was when they did a flea flicker play where Tom Kennedy ended up with the football and he threw a 75 yard pass down the field to a wide open Kalif Raymond sprinting all the way down the field and into the endzone. This play seemed to be very effective against the stout Packers defense and I think this shows that the Lions playbook could be pretty creative under the Lion’s new regime. This is most definitely a good thing for any Detroit Lions fan.

The Lions also used another key trick play to get them an easy touchdown. Again the Lions used a flea flicker designed play and reversed it to make it so the Green Bay Packers defense may think they would run it the same way. Even though the Packers seemed to be more ready for a play such as this one, Brock Wright got wide open for a Jared Goff 36 yard pass to the endzone. It may not have been a wide receiver throwing the ball to a wide receiver, but it was still a trick play nonetheless.

Even when the Packers took the lead for a limited time late in the game the Lions came back in the lead with a 14 yard touchdown run from our lead back D’Andre Swift. He easily pranced in for the touchdown and he performed his classic be silent celebration. The Lions were able to stay ahead after that touchdown and hold onto the lead for the remaining bits of the game.

Overall, the Lions did an excellent job of controlling the game and playing it in their own style. Grading them, I would give them an A. They were able to control the status of the game in their own fashion and use the trick plays to their advantage.