Wolves Basketball Update


Our basketball team played several games over winter break, with lots of action, and much more to come. The boys played Jenison, Kelloggsville, Forest Hills Central, Reeths-Puffer, Holland, and Muskegon. That’s a lot if you ask me, but I’ll shorten this down as much as I can.

Our first home game tipped off against Jenison. This wasn’t really a close game and I’m pretty sure most of us expected the Wolves to win this game. We did end up winning the game, closing the game out with a multiple score run. Jenison played competitively in the first half, but they realized they couldn’t match up with us in any way.

Varsity: 1-2
JV: 0-3

I mean, is there really that much to talk about for this game. Kelloggsville is in the smallest division in the OK Conference, playing the smallest schools in West Michigan. We destroyed the Rockets, with my prediction being absolutely correct this game. The final score was 76 to 37, with the Wolves almost doubling the Rockets. We had about 20 steals that game, which is absolutely astounding.

Varsity: 2-2
JV: 1-3

The Wolves came back home to play Forest Hills Central in a West Michigan Showdown. Everybody knew this would be a close game, especially because FHC was ranked at the top of the local standings. The game went back and forth all game, ultimately the Wolves pulled out and held on to victory.

Varsity: 3-2
JV: 1-4

We opened conference play against Reeths-Puffer on January 18. The Rockets were ranked very high before this game, as the Wolves searched to break their record any way that was possible. The Rockets ended up winning this one late in the fourth quarter, with the final score being 59-51. The Rockets are a great team and our next matchup against them should be great.

Varsity: 3-3
JV: 2-4

We visited the Dutch Dome, continuing the long stretch of Conference play, this past Tuesday. The Wolves knew that Holland was a bigger and faster team, so we had to figure out something to stop them. With great defense by Ramere Draper and Jordan Love, we scored just enough to keep Zach Hop and the Dutch from claiming victory. It will be a close game the next time we play them, except the Dutch come to town the next time so we will see what happens.

Varsity: 4-3
JV: 2-5

Our latest and somewhat most exciting game was played on Friday, against the ELITE Muskegon Big Red’s. Muskegon is one of the best teams in the state and they were ready to bring it on Friday. Our Wolves started on a 9-1 run, giving us hope in the next quarters to come. Muskegon has very tall, and very built players who do everything they can to assure victory is upon them. Muskegon realized they were taller than us, scoring most of their 2nd half points in the paint. Their defense lockdowned Ramere Draper and everybody else on our team. Although the final score was 82-59, we still tried our best against arguably the best team in West Michigan.

Varsity: 4-4
JV: 2-6

This week our basketball team plays both Zeeland West and Zeeland East. Both games are at home, and they should both be pretty exciting. Zeeland East lost almost all of their star players and I believe we should pull away against both teams. Look forward to coming updates in the next couple of days.