Opinion: After Oxford, Gun Control Makes Sense


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Nov 30, 2021; Oxford, MI, USA; Oxford High School in Oxford following an active shooter situation at Oxford High School in Oxford on November 30, 2021. Mandatory Credit: Ryan Garza-USA TODAY NETWORK

Oxford High School witnessed a school shooting, with three students dying and about eight student and staff members being mild to critically injured. The reason behind this school shooting is that a student was illegally bearing arms.

Gun control is a scary and confusing topic for a lot of people. Government Officials have been arguing about this topic for many years, and it doesn’t look to end anytime soon. In many states, there are many laws about owning guns and other firearms. Although The Second Amendment states “the right of people to keep and bear arms,” It sure looks like the United States should take action immediately.

I’m not really one for arguing about politics or even politics in general, but gun control needs to be acted upon immediately.

Oakland County Prosecutor Karen McDonald confirmed that 15-year-old Ethan Crumbley took one of his dad’s handguns which was recently purchased on Black Friday. “We know owning a gun means securing it properly locked up and keeping ammunition separate and not allowing access to other individuals especially minors,” McDonald said. With all this being said, everybody needs to be more alert to where their guns are located and who could find them. Owning guns with minors in the house could and have led to multiple school shootings. Many schools have closed around our home because of copycat threats on the schools. This can show others that even owning one can affect schools for days after.

Some say that shedding blood is worth keeping their guns. In my opinion, I wonder why so many people would die to keep their rights to bear arms. Another argument is Hunting. Guns are used to shoot multiple types of game. There are a lot of people who hunt, but I’m not sure how each hunter feels about guns. Do they like hunting for the gun aspect of it? Or just the game that they have killed? Or maybe just for the meat? I believe that hunting is fine, of course as you’re not shooting other people while hunting.

Gun control has gradually gotten more and more intense over the years, taking a huge leap in 2021. As of December 1st, 2021, 652 mass shootings (in bigger environments) have taken place. Think about that. 482 killed. 1,927 injured. These are very saddening numbers, and it looks as if it won’t stop anytime soon. I researched mass shootings this past year and based on the current statistics, The United States is set to have 54 mass shootings take place in December 2021. This is based on statistics and I do not wish for any reason that there will be 54 mass shootings.

Rules for gun control were set a decent time ago, but now they need to be updated. In my opinion, guns that are not meant for hunting should be sold in America. Gun ranges are also perfectly fine in my opinion. If you’re in a safe environment and you are personally an experienced hunter (or there is someone there who knows what they are doing) I believe that’s safe. I’ve shot a gun before, but that was at metal targets. One of my dad’s friends was there as well, and he leads a hunting group. So, overall, if you’re not using your guns for hunting or for home defense (still back and forth on home defense) you shouldn’t be able to own them.
Gun control is very important to me, as you can see above. Violence is not the way that problems should be solved and I know the effects guns have on people. Humans all around the world need to know about gun control. We are supposed to make friends, not enemies. I’m not sure what will happen with gun control laws, but I know people will always argue about this topic. It’s very frustrating to see what has happened to this country just based on how we argue with each other. Let’s all see what benefits come with gun control laws.