Lions vs Steelers play to a rare tie

The Lions finally did not lose. They tied the Steelers in overtime with a score of 16-16 and now itś time for the Lions and Dan Campbell to reflect on this performance against the Steelers. Overall I would say that our offense was still not the best even though our running game was insanely good with Jefferson, and Igwuebuike scoring two rushing touchdowns on the day that were longer than 25 yards. In fact, that was the first time two running backs on the Lions had one touchdown each longer than 25 yards since 1973 when two running backs did it back in the day.

Otherwise the Lions did a nice job controlling their defense and running offense to at least create a watchable game on that Sunday at 1:00pm. The defense really showed out and held the Steelers to 16 points almost winning the game, even though at some point that defense has got to be tired of seeing our offense not perform well at all in the passing game and that could create a divide between the two parts of the team. Which would not be good at all. If the offense and defense start to clash the season could go down in flames even though our season seems to be basically over already with an 0-8-1 record. Although mathematically the Lions still have a chance to win the division if the Packers lose out and the Vikings and Bears lose some more certain games. Other than that the Lions still have a chance to make the playoffs overall if they win out or win every game but one game, unless the NFC North goes to crap and everyone starts losing for some weird reason.

Anyways, the Lions running game was insane over this past weekend and it really shows all the things we can do when our offensive line is completely healthy and ready to go. Both of Swiftś yards and carries in that game were his highest all season long. That just goes to show that when our offensive line and the run game is on a roll the Lions can have a really good offense even if Jared Goff is garbage and only throws for around 100 yards in a game on 14/25 attempts.

Overall the Lions did a good job of keeping the game under a hold even when it seemed like the game was falling out of their hands and they kept giving chances to that Steelerś offense with Mason Rudolph under the helm. Otherwise I would probably give the Lions a B grade overall on their performance this last Sunday and this makes sense because of how good their performance was in the game to reward them with a tie and at least they didn’t lose. Anyways the Lions did a nice job competing and I liked the fire they showed in their running back room, see you in two weeks with the Lion´s games updates.