Michigan football and basketball update

On Saturday the 13th, Michigan marched onto Beaver Stadium(Penn State’s residence) to prove that the Wolverines are legit. Michigan looked very good at points and also looked very sloppy at others. Not only that, Michigan Basketball rolled through the Prairie View Black Panthers.

Penn State fans were just a little too cocky and the Wolverines had to humble them. Michigan’s defensive line had their best performance all season. David Ojabo and Aidan Hutchinson are arguably the best edge threats in the league. They are even both projected to be top 10 picks which is well deserved. Early on everyone knew that it was going to be a tight game and it was true. On the first drive, the Wolverines held the Nittany Lions to 4th and 4. But the unexpected happened there was a fake punt and it was executed with ease and the first down was converted. However, Michigan’s defense was unrelenting and forced another fourth down so they left with three points. This was the first time that Michigan wasn’t the first team to score all season. Penn State started driving down the field behind quarterback Sean Clifford. The weakness for the Wolverines is the big breakout plays like fake punts, kicks, and flea flickers. The Head Coach James Franklin was idiotic after his team got shut down in the red zone. They went for a fake field goal on fourth down and then they fumbled it during that play. What Penn State should’ve done was to let Michigan wear the all maize uniforms but no it will “take attention” from Penn State’s whiteout game. The first quarter consisted of many 3 and outs and Michigan failed to score after the first quarter.

The drought finally ended when the men in blue scored with 5 minutes in the second quarter. Cade Mcnamara threw an absolute dime to Roman Wilson. I know for all the hate that Cade gets he can actually play pretty decently under pressure. I’d also like to point out that Roman Wilson caught this touchdown while playing with a cast on his hand. Michigan Leads 7-3. Hassan Haskins was fed up with the PSU defense and started to run like a Tasmanian Devil. He ended up rushing for 150 yards on 30 carries. If Kenneth Walker did that everybody would know but Haskins stays under the radar. With 30 seconds left in the first half, Jordan Stout booted a field goal to make the game 7-6 at the half.

Quickly into the third quarter, Jim Harbaugh and his guys drove down the field and Roman Wilson caught yet another touchdown pass making the game 14-6. Michigan is just better. Nothing much happened in the third quarter except for missed holding calls and sacks for the Wolverines.

Seconds into the fourth quarter, two Wolverines ran into each other and the punt got downed at the one-yard line. Penn State finally locked into the game and scored a touchdown. Tyler Warren the tight end caught a contested touchdown catch making the game 14-12. Penn State knew that they had to get the 2 point conversion or else the game may be done with. Jahan Dotson caught the two-point conversion on a nasty juke move to get open. Tying the game 14-14. With 5 minutes left the Nittany Lions took the lead 17-14 after yet another field goal. On the next drive, the best thing ever happened. Tight end Erick All caught the ball and ran it almost 50 yards for the touchdown. And listen to this, during the game PSU LB Ellis Brooks said “We’ve been Scouting you, We know your ankle is messed up, you aren’t going anywhere.” I bet he regretted saying that because Erick All scored the game-winning touchdown against him. Michigan Shuts down the Nittany Lions and wins 21-17. Jim Harbaugh finally beat a rival and coached a good game.

Now we can talk about the Michigan basketball game but I don’t need to say much their swagger speaks for themselves. The game was never close as it should be and everyone should be excited for March.

The Wolverines faced off against the Prairie View Black Panthers. Michigan has one of the youngest teams in the nation and they are really good looking but the chemistry needs work. The top scorers of the game were Michigan Guard Eli Brooks with 15 points and freshmen Caleb Houstan with 13 points. The Wolverines led in just about everything except free throws and steals. Michigan totaled with 52 rebounds, 13 assists, 3 blocks, and shot 34.5 percent from the three. In the end, Michigan ended up winning 77-49 but there are many improvements needed. Michigan needs to be able to convert their free throws and to be able to take smart shots. Michigan could win the National Championship. Go blue.