Boys Basketball Season Preview

The Wyoming High School Boys Basketball team just finished their tryouts, and players are ready for the season ahead of them. I believe that we will win the Conference this year, with a possible chance at winning our first District Finals game. I’m here to share my thoughts on how I believe this season will go, with player and team insights.

Many Varsity and JV players look to progress this season, hoping for the best out of each game. Some notable players from the Varsity team are Ramere Draper, Jordan Love, and Bernie Varnsdeel. These players are stellar in what they do, giving the Varsity team some stars to play around. On the JV team, Gage Behrenbrinker, Donavyn Edwards, and Buster Cross are the main guys. Coach Underhill says he won’t play many people, giving these guys extra minutes in games. Some JV players believe Coach will call up some freshmen to the JV team.

Now, here are my predictions for the upcoming season. This will include my predictions for our record and predictions for the playoffs. I would be biased, but I’m predicting based on players, coaching, and much more. I’m focusing more on the Varsity team, but my weekly record predictions for the Junior Varsity team will be included as well.

We open the season on Friday, December 10, facing the Northview Wildcats. Northview has an outstanding team, with Belmont commit Kyler VanderJagt leading the team. I predict the JV and the Varsity will fall short, starting the season 0-1 for both teams.

@South Christian:
Wolves continue the road journey, facing the Sailors of South Christian. South Christian is tall and athletic. Being tall is their big advantage in this game, but I believe the boys will persevere. (Varsity 1-1, JV 1-1).

In our home opener, we played the Jenison Wildcats (why are there so many teams called the wildcats?). Honestly, We almost always beat Jenison, so no argument will make me believe we will lose this game. I predict we will win by about 30 points, rolling past the Wildcats. (Varsity 2-1, JV 2-1).

Is there much to say, this school doesn’t have many kids, and they play in the lowest OK-Conference? Sorry for this short insight but I predict the Rockets will fail to launch, with Wyoming claiming victory over Kelloggsville. (Varsity 3-1, JV 3-1).

Forest Hills Central:
The Rangers are a great team with Jacob Bonnett leading the way. Last year, we were supposed to play the Rangers, but COVID prevented that. We’ve anticipated this game for a year now, but I believe we won’t be able to match up with Central’s players. (Varsity 3-2, JV 3-2).

Reeths Puffer:
Our first Conference game is against Reeths Puffer and we look to get revenge for our close losses to them last year. The Rockets Forward, Logan Brooks is ready for his senior year and is searching for a case to make. Overall, They have a solid team, but I believe Ramere will be able to match up with him and dominate this game. (Varsity 4-2, JV 3-3).

We return to the Dutch Dome in what looks like to be one of the best games of the season. We barely came out on top last year in both games we played them. Last year, Jordan Love and Ramere Draper were outstanding in both games and I don’t think the Dutch will keep up with us for very long. (Varsity 5-2, JV 4-3).

Wolves head to Muskegon to face one of the best teams in the state of Michigan. Muskegon is tall, athletic, and knows how to intimidate others. If you don’t believe me, they smack the ground after a fast break to pump up their viewers. This will be one of the toughest games we play. The Big Reds are the same and mostly better than we are in some categories, but the game isn’t over until it’s over. Coach Vanderklay always says to “Calm The Storm” and to “Become The Storm” (Varsity 5-3, JV 4-4).

Zeeland West:
The Dux visit the Wolf Den on a cold Tuesday night. Zeeland has many athletes and players who show up. They are not scared of anyone. Last year, We were pretty close to beating them, but too many players got in foul trouble. I’ve got a good feeling about this game, so much that I believe we will pull the upset off. (Varsity 6-3, JV 4-5).

Zeeland East:
Our second game of the two-game homestead finishes against the other and better Zeeland school. The Chix dominated last year and made it pretty far in the playoffs. A lot of their stars left last year, giving Wyoming a huge advantage in this game. The players are still huge but we can pull it off. (Varsity 7-3, JV 4-6).

We head up the hill to face the RedHawks. We dominated them last year and I’m certain that will stay true this year. Although the RedHawks have a new facility and new players, they can’t handle our dominant team. (Varsity 8-3, JV 5-6).

Mona Shores:
Mona Shores is a football school, not a basketball school. We look to send the Sailors back to Norton Shores with some sea-sickness after they experience our new and improved team. I’m not 100% sure we will win this game because last season, the Sailors beat our JV team at the buzzer. (Varsity 9-3, JV 6-6).

@Reeths Puffer:
The second part of the season tips off with a trip to Reeths Puffer. The Rockets will be ready for us, but I don’t predict that they will tie the series with us. Yet again, they are athletic, but we will be playing our hearts out, in order to claim that District Championship. (Varsity 10-3, JV 6-7).

The Dutch travel to the Den in a Holland Revenge game. Holland will be ready to take on our team, but they will need to play great defensively in order to stay in the game. Unless one of our stars gets injured, I don’t see Holland winning this one. (Varsity 11-3, JV 7-7).

Jordan Briggs is playing like a D-1 starter and is only entering his Junior year! Again, Muskegon is dominant, tall, and very athletic. Their fans are dedicated to the school and Briggs looks to increase his value as a player. This is a must-win game in order to win the Conference and I think it will pan out in our favor. Wolves with the upset!!! (Varsity 12-3, JV 7-8).

@Zeeland West:
Our two time trip to Zeeland starts with us playing the Dux of Zeeland West. Zeeland West is a good team, and there’s no doubt about that. I predict Zeeland West will beat us in this one. (Varsity 12-4, JV 7-9).

@Zeeland East:
We head to the Coop to make the last trip to Zeeland, looking to secure a victory. I believe this game will be a toss-up, with the winning team being the one who wins the first game of the season. (Varsity 12-5, JV 7-10).

Grand Rapids Union heads back to the Wolf Den, looking to add a win to their record. I don’t think Ramere and others will let that happen. Everybody knows we should play this game pretty well. (Varsity 13-5, JV 8-10).

@Mona Shores:
Finally, the 1 hour trip of the season. Honestly the trips out to the Lake get kind of old, but this is an anticipated game for both teams. We should play out the normal way, maybe seeing some of our subs and reserves get some minutes. (Varsity 14-5, JV 9-10).

Benton Harbor:
Three words. Scooby. Is. Gone. This is an answered prayer for all players in West Michigan. In 2020, we kept close to the Tigers, but it ended up being our second loss of the season. I’m not disappointed in that game and neither are the coaches. Benton Harbor isn’t as great this year, so I think we should keep this game under control. (Varsity 15-5, JV 10-10).

I’m very excited about this upcoming season and I’m sure all of you readers are as well. With all this being said, I predict the Final Record of the Varsity team will be 15-5. That is a very solid record for a younger and smaller team. Hopefully we don’t get a district trophy robbed from us this year. As for the Junior Varsity team, I predict the record will be 10-10. 10-10 seems kind of unbiased for a Wyoming Student, but from a logical standpoint, that’s how I predict their season will end. Some people may bash me for that prediction, but I want to see the JV team prove me wrong.

I’m not sure if We (WHS) will make spectators wear masks or not, but let’s not make that be the reason we don’t cheer for our players louder! Go Wolves!