How WHS has changed

It’s 2019, life is alright and normal, everything seems to have fallen into place perfectly. Nobody knew anything about a pandemic or COVID-19 or quarantine, a cough meant you had something caught in your throat rather than a deadly virus. Most certainly, high school students are bustling throughout the tight hallway with loads of laughter as handshakes between students and teachers are exchanged. So what exactly has changed in Wyoming High School in a matter of two years? From the looks of it… a lot.

I’m currently a senior, so I got a few months in the old building and the old atmosphere and comparing it to what it is currently, a whole lot different.

Starting with the obvious, the building was so much smaller and cramped. I was often finding myself shoulder to shoulder with people walking down the hallway just trying to get to my class. I’m sure a lot of you have heard of the famous “T” of WHS. When they tell you it was the heart of Wyoming High School, it was truly the heart. There were so many people packed into that small area and lots of laughter was shared in that intersection of the hallway.

The building was so hot and sweaty with no air conditioning and everything was really close together with all the lockers taking up so much space. Not to mention the blandness, the color of the building just evoked beige.

However… the atmosphere was far different as well. Covid wasn’t a thing back in 2019, nobody knew it ever existed. Personally, everything felt so much more alive when handshakes could be shared without fear and masks were only existing for doctors. Surprisingly, we could all be packed into the gymnasium with no fear and everything was booming.

My time in the old building back in 2019 is far gone and at some points in time will be missed, but would I most definitely take the 2021 experiences? Most certainly, and I wouldn’t look back on it. But WHS felt like a completely different experience and school back then, it’s hard to think of us as the same.

While our building may be beautiful and outstanding, the atmosphere with COVID-19 lurking around every corner is surely not preferred. It’s just shocking to think that only two years ago was the last time we felt a touch of normalcy in high school. But the new building brings a lot more happiness to the student body and a feeling of pride, which is something WHS could never trade away.