Athlete Profile: a guy named Gage


This athlete is excellent at what he does and looks to keep climbing the ladder in his basketball career. He is also a great student and has even won Student of The Month. His compassion for the game shows when he’s on the court and his leadership abilities can back that up.

Gage Behrenbrinker is a Sophomore here at Wyoming High School and he excels at many things. Gage is the Alpha Wolf type student in and out of the classroom. “I’m excited and nervous to start (the basketball season). I’m ready to continue developing, just at the high school level,” Gage states.

Everybody who wants to play basketball should attend Guts Before Cuts. Guts is a conditioning program to show the coaches you really have the “guts” to play ball. Coach Vanderklay leads it, and many seniors are dedicated to leading the players in drills. Gage says that “guts is hard and it changes everyday.” I continued asking questions and to my surprise, Gage told me that players were throwing up after drills. To me that sounds not very fun, but the players have to put the work in to improve.

Last year, Gage was one of the best players on his freshman team. He constantly had rebounds and even some nice buckets. At the end of the year, Gage along with Donavyn Edwards were called up to play a few games with the Junior-Varsity team. Gage played his first JV minutes against Zeeland East last season. Gage didn’t score very much, but he always shows his effort for the game. Gage trains with others along with weightlifting here at the high school. Last year, Coach Underhill said that “he’s a great guy,” with Underhill being the one to decide if he should move up to JV or not. Gage is positive that he will make the team, but not 100% certain because Coach Underhill doesn’t really keep many players. If he does make the team, he’s excited to play with some of the freshmen who will be brought up. I’m not sure If he will play for the varsity at all this year, but I’m sure he would be pretty excited if he was called up.

Gage is one of the tallest kids at Wyoming, which he takes to his advantage. One of Gage’s favorite athletes is Stephen Curry. Curry revolutionized the game of basketball by showing everybody that anybody can shoot. Maybe not as well as he can, but that’s not the main point. Gage is a tall Forward who can also shoot the 3 ball. He’s not afraid to step up when the team needs him most. Gage looks to improve his sharpshooter skills as well as his paint skills. Gage is very very close to dunking and he’s excited for when that time comes. If he puts some more muscle on, he could be one of the best in West Michigan.

Gage says that playing in college would be awesome, but that’s not his main focus. Along with his perseverance, he excels in the classroom. Honors English teacher, Mr. Cornell says that he’s a great guy. That really showed when he was announced as Student of the Month. Teachers say that he is “hardworking, kind, and friendly to others in the classroom.” He has a good sense of humor and others say “he consistently completes his work and assists and encourages others with learning. Gage is a productive and committed individual who will always do his best while respecting others.” Clearly everybody can see that he is kind, compassionate, and gracious, showing his true Alpha Wolf personality. Go Wolves and Go Gage!