WHS chemistry teacher has a new job and a new husband

Ms. Truskoski is the new chemistry teacher at WHS. Ms. T actually grew up right here in Wyoming. She went to Catholic Central High School and for college, she went to Michigan State University for one year and then transferred to Grand Valley.

Before coming here Ms. T taught at Grand River Prep highschool. They are a pretty diverse school like we are here at Wyoming but they didn’t have as much as we have like activities and sports and other things for students. She made the switch here because ¨I needed a change, I was getting tired of same old same old, there are more athletics and opportunities here.¨ said Ms. Truskoski

Every teacher has their own special reasoning why they go into the profession, ¨ I didn’t want to be a doctor,¨ explained Ms. T, “I always wanted to help people so teaching is my way of doing that.¨

“I really love science and I wanted to show that science can be fun and that it’s not just for guys,” Ms T further explained.

She also goes on to explain the joys of being at Wyoming High School, going on to say “Wyoming is underrated and people don’t notice Wyoming as much as they should.”

Ms T has taught dance at the Rhythm Dance center for 4 years. She has been dancing since she was three years old, so about 30 years! She also just got married not too long ago on October 16th. They still don’t know about last names right now because she doesn’t want to switch her last name when her students already call her Ms T. On the day of her wedding they couldn’t find the rings in the morning and they were searching for about 4 hours and found them around noon in the one place they didn’t look, which was in her parents room. Ms T has no kids yet she said in the future she would be interested in fostering or adopting but she does have two dogs named Rowdy and Wednesday named after Wednesday Addams. I asked her why she wants to foster or adopt and she said ¨ There are so many children in the system and if I have the ability to help them then I would like to.¨