Night Circus review

Night Circus review

The Night Circus is a beautiful book written by Erin Morgenstern about two extremely powerful magicians, Prospero the Enchanter and Mr. A.H who groom their two young proteges. Prospero teaches his own daughter Celia Bowen and Mr. A.H instructs a young orphan, Marco Alisdair. The main goal is to use their students to show off each other’s talents and teaching. Celia and Marco are used like pawns, bound to each other by rings each other’s teachers place on their fingers that melt into their skin, scaring them. There’s drama, petty duel, average life, whimsical mysteries and romance used not morally but for fuel to drive the stories and it’s protagonists as they battle each other’s ability in Le Cirque des Rêves, the Circus of dreams.

The circus is only open from sunset to sunrise and appears at random in cities and countryside, never told when it will arrive or when it will leave, with magical tents filled with enchanting characters or with illusions and true magic hidden inside. There’s always a dark undertone amidst all of the magic and wonder that is experienced in this book, along with many underlying stories and mischief that all tie neatly together throughout the reading. No matter how many times you read through this book there is always something new to find or latch on to making the magic of the circus transcend through the pages and into your mind as you fall in love with the plot and it’s unforgettable magical characters.

In the beautiful piece there are hidden messages, hidden ties, hidden magic throughout every word you turn over and let run through your mind. Fast past jealousy, impactful and fearful lines. However the magic and the circus may be there’s always something dark lurking, or perhaps someone.

My rating on this book has to be top marks, no matter how many times I read this book I find myself getting new stories in its pages, and falling in love with all of its wonderful characters. Despite being Erin’s first book it’s breathtaking and a truly unique read. The mysteries she laid underneath the text, the unforgettable characters, the breathtaking drama and turns. Though at points the book may be a bit hard to follow, due to chapters either changing settings completely, to changing times and date, but they’re always listed when and where they are, the book keeps its reputation of being mysterious and profound just like the circus itself.

No matter how many times I read this book or how many times I feel the characters’ emotions as we follow their lives through this enchanting circus it will always feel new and vibrant. I recommend this book for anyone that likes a story with risk drama and underlying dread and other stories. I give this book a 9/10, only less for the fact that sometimes its pages can be a bit hard to follow. Reading this book has the chance to give you a new look at literature and see the true magic in day to day life with this new appreciation from this masterpiece.