New Student Profile: Stella Biriouk


“It’s never easy being the new girl,” said Stella Biriouk, a new junior here at Wyoming High School.
She recently transferred here from Hudsonville High School after being there all her life, and she says she’s still definitely getting used to being at WHS.
She described her first day as being “intense” and how she felt like “the odd one out” due to her bright blonde hair. Coming from a school where everyone looks relatively alike, she was really shocked to find out she was the odd one out this time in a school full of diversity.
“I felt like all the eyes were on me the minute I walked in,” she said “I would walk by and people would just be staring at me while whispering to their friends.”
Being the new person at any high school in the middle of the school year is tough, you don’t know anybody, where to go, or how the school works. But Stella did have to say she is enjoying Wyoming High School due to the amount of freedom we’re given.
“I was really surprised to see all the freedom,” she stated “such as all the chairs and couches in the hallway, if I wanted to take a breather from work I could go work out in a break-out room. At Hudsonville, we weren’t allowed to do that.”
It’s difficult to decide where to go when you’re a new person at school, who to hang out with, and what to do. Especially when you have everyone clawing to be your friend, as Stella put it.
“It’s like everyone was trying to claim me, saying ‘hey you should come to hang out with us’ or ‘we’ll be your friends’ and it didn’t feel like it was genuine,” she explained.
Despite being at Hudsonville all her life, she actually moved here due to her mom moving, so it wasn’t exactly her choice.
Though, there’s much more to Stella than just being a new girl. She has her own life and facts about her. Such as she’s actually Russian and can speak Russian fluently. Come on, how many people can say that at Wyoming High School? As far as I know, only one.
Or how she scouts for UCLA every summer, being flown out to California to play water polo for the college, specifically for the position of whole defender.
“I’ve always been a really sporty person, I enjoy water polo, soccer, swimming, and volleyball,” she said “I’ve been into it for as long as I can remember, for many years.”
Along with being sports-driven, she’s an avid reader, once plowing through a series of seven books in one week.
There are many words to begin describing Stella, Risk-taker. Determined. Bubbly. Talkative. With a big personality, she’s got big dreams. Planning on going to a good college on the west side of the country, specifically interested in working for the FBI.
There’s little justice an article could do for Stella, there’s plenty to know about her such as the fact she’s eaten live octopus before, her favorite food is sushi, her favorite color is emerald green, and her favorite animal is a whale.
While being the new girl is difficult, and it’s hard to get adapted to everything, it’s simple to say we’re all happy to have a new face at Wyoming High School and Stella is the perfect fit for it.