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Wepwops Spotify account.

Nori Fryling

Wepwop’s Spotify account.

Wepwop is a Spotify artist that started making music in 2020. Though he’s not well known, a lot of his music helps audiences study or just feel in the moment. To go deeper into who Wepwop is, he’s a student, though his focus is never really in his studies, Wepwop prefers his music over schooling. Who wouldn’t prefer something they’re passionate about rather than something that’s forced upon you though?
As of writing this article Wepwop has 42 monthly listeners, for only having a few songs and as he states “mainly publicity from people I know” it’s quite an accomplishment for making music for a little over a year. His music as of right now is “low fidelity lofi” but he is in the process of a “genre swap, but [he]might start up a separate account for that depending on how [he] likes it”. What keeps him making music though? What got him to even join in the first place? When asked he stated “perfect pitch, I mean I was born with it. Why not use it?” For those who don’t know what perfect pitch is, it is the ability to recognize the pitch of a note or produce any given note; a sense of absolute pitch. With this ability, Wepwop is able to hear a song a few times and be able to play it without researching the notes. This amazing ability also gives him the ability to hear how notes blend together with no second person having to look them over. Even though he doesn’t have many monthly listeners he has a lot of plays. On spotify alone his song After Sex Cigergeratees has “10k+ plays and everything else has 1k-2k plays”. Though After Sex cigergeratees is his most popular by far Wepwop doesn’t agree with it’s fame, saying “there’s not reason it should have 10k plays” his favorite song he’s created is “Vintage Crybaby, [he] ha the most fun making it and [he thinks] it came out the best” out of all of his songs.
Wepwop is pretty easy to listen to as well, he posts on “everything but Spotify is [his] favorite one”. Along with posting on every streaming platform, those on his YouTube channel are ad-free because he “Believes everyone should be able to listen to music without ads”. He wants people to stay in the moment and the atmosphere with his music instead of making money off of ads. Though he makes money through some of the streaming platforms “everything [he] makes out of it [he] plans on putting back into music” for his listeners and his passion.
With his music everything is made from inside of his room, very few parts are taken from the web. To make his music he uses “instruments [he has] around [his] house, piano, guitar extra. [He] just puts a bunch of filters over it til they don’t sound anything like them and [he] uses a doc called cake [to edit] and that’s it.” He has an interesting way of making his music as well, such as how he chooses the titles of his songs he “writes down lyrics, then [he] picks out what sounds best then [he] deletes the lyrics and [what he chose] is the name of the song. Due to being an artist and still a student he has a lot of things on his plate. He tries to drop at least once a month but there are times when the drop schedule can be a bit hazy. He appreciates how loyal his listeners are and how his label, Distro, isn’t super pushy with how constantly he needs to drop. He had a lot of freedom which keeps his love of his music going. He won’t drop any song that he feels like he can make better, right now he has quite a few in the works heś trying to revamp and make better for himself and for his listeners.
He’s a self taught musician, learning piano, guitar, the jaw harp, the recorder, the ukulele, and more all by himself. This adds to the uniqueness of his flow in music that will greatly aid him when his work is more widespread. Right now most of his listeners according to him are “friends, a little bit of family, random people [he] doesn’t know, and people from Sweden, [he] thinks that’s pretty interesting.”
This is just a small peak at some of Wepwop’s music and some quotes from the artist himself. He’s still fresh into the scene but the likelihood of him getting out there is pretty high. With this drive for his work and the talent of perfect pitch and being able to teach himself instruments he’s going to one day make it big. Any streaming platform has the ability to play his music, and the ability to support someone who cares about the quality and overall feeling of his music rather than the money. In the end, Wepwop’s career is just starting, and he invites everyone to see the progress he’s going to make or just listen to a few songs that peak their interest.