Under-appreciated things

I could go on and on about underappreciated things, so I will:)
The first thing that I love so very much that I think is really underappreciated is sunsets. They are so pretty and I don’t even know if this makes sense but when I’m watching the sunset I just feelconnected to the earth and yes I know that sounds really dumb but sunsets just give me that feeling and if you’ve had that feeling then you know what I’m talking about that’s all I have to say.
Another thing I think is really underappreciated is eating breakfast and just like breakfast food in general. 5/7 days a week I don’t have time in the morning to eat breakfast and when I get to school I get five minutes to eat the smallest breakfast ever that’s not very good or very filling. On the weekends eating breakfast like pancakes or waffles with like bacon and lots and lots of syrup just starts the day out great there is just something about it that makes everything better. Or like on a Sunday morning going out with your family to breakfast when your mom is rushing you to pick what you want to eat because the waitress is about to come back its just something that doesn’t happen a lot and that’s why I think it should be appreciated a lot more.
Another one is inside jokes with friends. When you’re hanging out with friends and something happens and you and your friend just start dying laughing and can’t stop for like ten minutes and your struggling to breathe and you have that annoying cramp in your side from laughing too long. It sounds kinda painful but it feels really good at the same time because at that moment you’re just super happy and then later or the next day you bring it up and start dying laughing again and everyone is just like what are you laughing about and you’re just like you wouldn’t understand its just something I constantly think about so I think it’s very unappreciated.
Also, something I find unappreciated is when you have that one friend who has the funniest laugh and they just make everyone laugh because they laugh. I feel like that explains itself because when you’re just talking and you’re both just non-stop laughing because of their laugh if you’ve experienced it you know that it feels so good and it’s just really unappreciated because those moments with people like that don’t happen a lot.
Another thing is brown eyes. Everyone is always complimenting people with blue or green eyes or someone who has two different colored eyes and yes I know that they have gorgeous eyes. I’m actually jealous because I have brown eyes but at the same time, I love my brown eyes if that makes sense. Have you seen brown eyes when the sun hits them? It’s like magic, it’s just breathtaking which is why I’m glad I have brown eyes but at the same time I wish I could choose my eye color for the day in case I just wanna switch it up from time to time. But if you’re making eye contact with someone brown it’s just like wow.
Now this isn’t the last thing I think is underappreciated but for this blog entry, it is. Staying home alone, blasting music, and just dancing. When you can just have your music as loud as you want and just dance however you want because nobody is there to see how bad you really dance. If you have never had a day like that then I feel really bad for you because it’s really fun and it takes all the boredom away. It’s just you, yourself, and your bad dance moves.