Top five movies

Top five movies

Halloween is coming up, candy, costumes, scary movies, carving pumpkins, everyone is excited!
Sometimes you need a little boost on what to do for spooky season.
You can watch movies, there are always good movies if you really look for some, whether you like the classics like Halloween, Friday the 13th, Scream. Or if you like more modern movies, like Hediritary, The Conjuring, Us, there are many more you can find! Here are my top 5 movies you can watch alone or with friends during spooky season!.

Coraline (2009)
Coraline is probably every teenager’s favorite movie. It has everything in it, slight comedy, mystery, but most of all it’s interesting. Coraline is about a girl who moves with her parents, and hates the way they live. Coraline made a friend named Wybie. Both her and Wybie do and explore things together; Coraline had explored too far and made it to the other world where she had another mother, father and other Wybie. She liked it so much she wanted to move, everything in the other world was “better” but sooner or later she found out it wasn’t always going to be that way. Coraline is a great movie to watch when you have nothing else to watch. Coraline is rated a 7.7/10, and a 90% on rotten tomatoes.

Saw (2004-2017)
If you are looking for something more graphic to watch, the Saw movies are perfect for that. There are 8 Saw movies and it would make sense to watch them all in order, you don’t have to though. These movies are about a guy named John Kramer or also known as Jigsaw. Jigsaw would take people who he believes did something guilty and he tortures them to make them appreciate what they have. Some make it out alive if they outsmart it, but others sadly don’t. The Saw franchise is full of thriller and lots of horror. These movies are rated an average 7.5/10. Something about these movies is that if you don’t watch them in order it might not make sense, so its best to watch them in order. There are 8 Saw movies and there’s a bonus movie based on the Saw storyline, called Spiral. I’d 100% recommend watching the Saw franchise this October.

Hocus Pocus (1993)
Hocus Pocus is one of my absolute favorite movies, although this movie isn’t much about “horror & thriller”, it is a movie that is kid friendly. This movie used to be played on Disney Channel. I overwatched it and it became one of my favorite movies. If blood and murder is too much for you, Hocus Pocus is perfect for you. This movie is about 3 witches who were cursed and locked in a book for over a century. But two teenagers during Halloween decided to uncurse the book, which made the witches come back to life. The witches were taking kids’ souls, and the only way for them to be gone was to curse them back by sunrise. Hocus Pocus is rated a 6.9/10 and 38% on rotten tomatoes.

Carrie (1976 / 2013)
Whether you watch the original or the new version of Carrie, either one is a great movie to watch. Carrie is about a teenage girl who is forced to do as her religious strict mother says. Carrie is careful of what she does, she discovers how to have telekinetic powers, but hides them from her mother as she will have serious consequences. People didn’t talk to Carrie at school, which is the main reason why Carrie is so shy, prom was coming up, but certain students made fun of Carrie which a teacher punished them to not going to prom, the students got upset and wanted to take revenge on Carrie by making her prom queen and pouring pigs blood on her to humiliate her, little did they know of what Carrie is capable of. Both movies together rated at an average of 6.5/10

Final Destination (2000-2011)
Saved the best movie franchise for last. Personally, the Final Destination franchise is my favorite. These movies are about a certain person who gets a “vision” about how they will die in that moment, and they get out of that situation and try to get as many people to help them survive. After they had the vision and got out of the situation, it happened, and in the order everyone was saved was the order everyone was going to die. This is honestly one of my favorite movie franchises, they have a lot of thriller and lots of horror. These movies are rated at an average of 5.9/10 and an average of 58% on rotten tomatoes. If I could rate these movies I would also rate them at an average of 6-7 out of ten, but since these are older movies, the qualities aren’t the best. But they still have great acting and a great plot.

I hope you watch some or all of these movies sometime during October, it’s the most appropriate time to watch them. Whether you watch the original versions of movies, or the new version or if you watch the franchise of movies. Either or, if you don’t watch any of these, it’s alright!, everyone has a different taste in movies, mine happen to be these. I hope anyone who reads this, leaves with a new favorite movie!.