Halloween costume ideas

Halloween is my favorite time of year but when it comes to what I should be, there are so many different options or I don’t know what to be at all. So here are some costume ideas that I think would be fun to create from TV shows and Movies!

Honestly this year as of right now I have a feeling a lot of people are going to dress up as “Squid Game” characters. Because that show is really popular at the moment. So with that being said, I feel like a great costume and probably the easiest one to create would be to wear a jumpsuit as they do in the game, any jacket, matching bottoms, and then look as messy as you can! You can go crazy with the dirty face makeup look. Or just don’t take a shower. No, I’m kidding (please take a shower). But even being the robot that was in the first episode for “red light, green light” would be a cute costume.

Another idea could be from the movie “Cruella” being the extravagant Cruella De Vil herself! Wear any black or red top with black bottoms and don’t forget the red coat! Or besides going with “what’s in”, go classic. Like being a character from the corpse bride, “Emily” the dead bride herself dressed in white with blue skin and a face of makeup with droopy eyes is all you need. Or being “Victor” the main character, by dressing in any suit and tie and then slicking your hair back and then giving yourself major dark circles with darker eye shadow. Here on this website, you can find most items you’ll need to create these awesome looks! Best Adult Halloween Costumes – Adult Costume Ideas

Now some great DIY costume ideas! Sometimes we just have to work with what we got and that’s fine, I love when people create their own costumes. You just know no one has the same one and it’s unique. So for the first one, my first thought was a scarecrow. You can wear a flannel with any pair of jeans and a hat if you want, and you can draw lines across your mouth and a triangle on your nose if you’d like to compliment the look. This costume is very simple and easy to put together.

Another DIY look is being Wednesday Addams from the “Addams family”. I’d suggest just dressing in all black and then doing her signature look by doing pigtails. Also a couple more ideas I have, include being a hippie! By wearing a tie dye shirt or something bright and adding a whole bunch of accessories, such as glasses, a bandana, bracelets, crazy socks, necklaces etc. The list is endless for being a hippie. You can really put whatever you want together just have fun with it.
One last idea that would be an easy one is a nerd. No, not the candy, but a school nerd. Like glasses and overalls and a flannel or striped shirt, you can carry around a backpack even and if you plan to trick or treat use your backpack as a candy collector! These are just a couple ideas I could think of but I’m sure if you open your closet or look around the house you can create your own Halloween costumes! Just be creative. Halloween is all about the unusual.

The list for Halloween costumes is endless, some are just simply random and cute. You can create a butterfly look in the corner of your eyes, simply apply lashes, and add some cute rhinestones if you have any, and then find a cute outfit! You can go a long way with just a makeup look to make your costume. Like a clown, you can make yourself look as scary as you want! With any simple outfit, honestly, when you do your makeup for Halloween it compliments your costume so much the outfits can be pretty much anything you’d like! You could wear a hoodie with a clown makeup look or dress, even pajamas! I did that one year myself. One look I used to love doing a lot was being a sugar skull. A couple years ago that was really in and I feel like it’s always a beautiful look to go with since it’s easy to draw lines across your mouth and face to represent a skull and make it as pretty or scary as you want. It especially incorporates well with the “day of the dead ” theme if you’ve ever watched Coco! In between the times of the end of October and the beginning of November is the perfect time to be a festive sugar skull. On this same website, they also include makeup for Halloween Best Adult Halloween Costumes – Adult Costume Ideas

Halloween is just a great time to dress up with no consequences, so get out there, make an outfit, and have fun!

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