Items You Must Get If You Haven’t Already

New things are coming out everyday that will catch your attention, but which items will you actually use that won’t just sit on your dresser for the next 5 years? Sometimes we will buy something nice, enjoy it for a little time, then store it away or lose it! Here are some fun everyday items and also some items you can enjoy with friends.

Ever wanted a karaoke machine to sing your heart out while with friends or family? Here’s your chance to choose between the KaraoKing Karaoke Machine starting at $219.99 or the Singsation All-In-One Karaoke System starting at $149.99. The KaraoKing is a large portable karaoke machine that includes two wireless microphones, a BlueTooth speaker, a phone and tablet holder, and a mini disco ball. You can connect to it through BlueTooth, AUX, or with a USB, so you can always find a song. When using the onboard equalization panel, you can boost or lower the bass, adjust the trebles, effects, and more.
The Singsation system is a karaoke stand that includes a speaker, a single microphone, an adjustable 2-6 ft stand, and a holder for your phone or tablet. With 16 multicolor light modes that project patterns onto the whole room and ceiling! Let’s not forget the 10 different voice choices or even the 8 sound choices, including one that can make you sound like a chipmunk!
When we were younger most of us had a Nintendo DS or a Wii, it was our favorite thing to play and talk to friends on. Well, now there’s a Nintendo Switch starting at $299.99, that has all that fun and much more! The switch is a hybrid console, meaning you can use the tablet for home use or as a portable device, as it is wireless after all. Now you can play Animal Crossing, Fortnite, Minecraft, Mario, and much more on the go!
The switch was said to have an “attractive and innovative design with an excellent game library, and solid build quality.” (Greenwald, Will). Although, it is also said to have short battery life and the online memberships are inconsistent across games. The Nintendo Switch is one of the most unique consoles on the market and has proven to be exceptionally popular since 2017.

Another music full item is the Amazon Echo 4th gen! It is said to be just “as powerful as the Echo Plus” (Priday, Richard). With a 360 sound, it has a great, strong bass for its size. With a built-in home hub, Alexa can play music, give you information for just about anything, and make calls. But be aware, she can also crack some jokes or be awkward to talk to, haha!! You can either ask Alexa to turn up, down, or mute or there are buttons provided on the top of the device that allows you to do so yourself. Amazon states that the fabric and aluminum it uses for Echo speakers are 100% recycled materials. The Echo 4th gen is considered the best so far, with a strong follow-up from the last model, having more power and control over Zigbee smart home devices.
Next up is a book of poetry and prose called ‘Milk and Honey’ by Rupi Kuar released Nov. 4, 2014. Divided into 4 chapters, this book takes you through pain, healing, and bitter moments to find the sweetness in, because, “There is sweetness everywhere if you are just willing to look.” (Kaur, Rupi) The book is about survival and teaches love, loss, violence, abuse, and femininity.

Try some of these items and enjoy yourself with good memories with friends or calm alone times. Items will continue to come out everyday so keep your eye out for newer and better things such as the iPhone 13, AirPods, board games and much more!