New assistant principal comes home to Wyo


A graduate Wyoming High School student has come back to Wyoming to be an assistant principal after being gone for 17 years in Chicago. Talk about going back to your roots!

The last time Ms. Varney was in Wyoming High School, she was one of us, a student. But it was not called Wyoming High School. In 1998, the school was called Rogers High School, and Ms. Varney was a Golden Hawk, not a Wolf.

Of course, a lot has changed since then. “Well it’s obviously a very different building,” she said. “Overall, it looks very different. The gym area is the same along with those hallways, some staff members are still here when I went to school. So some of my teachers are here. That is still the same,¨ she explained.

Ms. Varney had the opportunity to come back to Michigan and work at Grand Rapids Public Schools in January, and she jumped on it. Then, Wyoming became an option. ¨Over the summer when there was an opportunity to come work at Wyoming Public Schools that really appealed to me because this is where I went to high school,¨ she explained.

Living in Chicago, she did not have as much family time as she wanted. There,, her friends became her family. But she missed her family in Michigan. ¨When I was in Chicago for 17 years my sister had 2 kids. So I saw them occasionally but now I get to see them a lot more often, ¨ she said.

However, even now living in Grand Rapids she still misses Chicago at times, especially the food. ¨I miss Chicago, my friends,” she explained. “When you start to leave home you start to build a family. I didn’t have family down there so your friends became your family. I also miss the food, they have really great food. Some great restaurants.”

Going from teacher to assistant principal and from Chicago to Grand Rapids is hard, but there are many things that make it easier. ¨I have been an administrator for 10 years now, I taught high school English for 7 years and I became an assistant principal in 2011. So that switch was tough because I went to a new school and I didnt know anyone, and that’s always a challenge,” she stated “plus working with the people I used to know. The change was kind of nice because there are still a lot of familiar people. And so that has made it an easier transition.”

The assistant principal is now a part of our Wolf Pack! She is extremely nice and open to talk about anything, so make sure when you see her in the hallways or in the cafeteria you say hey. She is always wanting to get to know the students of Wyoming better and to help make Wyoming a greater place.