Mr. Kuiper is making a difference at WHS

Mr. Kuiper is one of the main people when it comes to Alpha Wolf and how everything regarding it happens. He was one of the leaders for the school’s retreat that happened a couple weeks ago and he’s a really good person. You might know him from being a substitute teacher but he is a role model and a good leader.

The retreat happened at camp Blodgett on Lake Michigan and it took the whole school day.: “Everyone that I talked to had a good time,” Mr. Kuiper said. “I think overall people did, yes.” Who wouldn’t have fun when you get to spend a day on Lake Michigan?

We should expect more trips like this one in the future. “Absolutely! For sure! No doubt. I think they’re really important, regardless of what they’re for,” said Mr. Kupier “It gets students away from the building and it gets people out of their comfort zone, and I think they’re really important.”

Mr. Kuiper is a really kind and genuine guy. He was asked what inspires him and his answer did not fail to put a smile on my face. “Students, people your age inspire me. All the stuff you guys have to deal with, everything people are going through, and you guys, I mean I could go on and on,” said Mr. Kuiper “There’s people here that work a job to support their family, they’re doing sports, they’re doing everything and you still have to try to do good in school.”

He’s no stranger to Wyoming either, considering this is his third year at Wyoming. ¨I just came back new this year but I was here before that I was here for two years so this is my third year but not consecutively if that makes sense.”

Mr. Kuiper is a very inspiring person and hopefully he continues to inspire the students at our building for many years to come.