Wyoming Deals Devious Licks

Devious licks is a TikTok challenge that has swept the internet and our school. Even though Wyoming High School isn’t hit as hard as some other schools have been with this trend it is definitely affecting our school and altering some things around the school.
We haven’t had much stolen but “the soap dispensers have gotten taken out of their holding spots and have been placed in trash cans or in some cases toilets” as Mr. Baumbach stated in an interview. What helps our school so far with this is that “99% of the student body is not participating in or wanting to participate in the trend.” Due to such little population of the school participating Mr. Baumbach and the other superintendents and principals in the Wyoming district plan to appeal to the student body that thinks this trend is childish.
What’s happening to those who’ve been caught though you might be asking. Well, so far no body has been caught, but “when damage is done we try to review the video footage and go into the bathrooms quite often” said Mr. Baumbach. This is why you’ll see administrators and teachers moving into the bathrooms so much so they can create a timeline.
Even though no one had been caught there’s still a plan in place for those that are caught. These include even pressing “criminal charges for vandalism, malicious destruction of property, it could include a long term suspension, community service, could including expulsion, it depends on the severity of the situation” and how bad the specific incident is.
As soon as stealing was noticed the school took immediate actions, taking soap out of the boy’s bathroom where most of this went down. The boys weren’t given any replacement in the restroom for the soap only because “the gender-neutral bathroom still had soap dispensers in them and the hand sanitizer outside of the classrooms as well”. Once the soap was taken out of the bathrooms and more staff started to keep a clock going in so they could routinely check for damage the vandalism decreased. It also helps that a video was shown in class to try and held the students responsible for this realize what they were doing and the student body that thought it was done try and convince their peers the same.
Wyoming is a school that recently had a lot of money poured into it for renovations and it is upsetting that part of our student body would do trends such as these to damage the school or steal from it. The staff is willing to monitor the bathrooms but the “goal here at school is to not be monitoring the bathrooms 24/7, it’s an elementary thing” and being 10-12th grade we should set a better example for what Wyoming represents.