Erminia Lopez’s high school advice for incoming freshman

There’s plenty of advice I wish I would’ve gotten freshman year. Freshman year is just all so new and confusing, wandering the hallways like a lost dog.
Though the main advice I wish I was given coming in my freshman year of high school would definitely be to stay on time, I know very cliche right? But no seriously, growing up thinking it was okay to be late and sleep in was what “everyone did” until you had everyone on your back now hunting you down in the cafeteria just to catch you for after-school detention.
Better yet, ISS! AKA in-school suspension. I went once and never again will I be tardy in the morning. Sitting in one room for all 6 of your hours is literal torture!
Honestly, just pay attention in your classes, because something else I learned the hard way was to never rely on someone else for your assignments since it never ends well. Chances are they have most of their answers wrong and then you’ll have everything wrong. Besides that, teachers really do notice if you’re copying off someone else, so being honest with your assignments is always a must-do.
With that being said, as long as you turn your work in on time, if you don’t you’ll be miles behind everyone else. It also helps because all the assignments you did and turned in become a bit of a cushion for your grades if you do poorly on a test. I’ve had a teacher tell me that once, but don’t get me wrong, I’m not on here trying to tell you not to study, because you should take your tests seriously. But it definitely gave me a little bit of stress release knowing that.
Speaking of tests, a great method I’ve found very helpful while trying to study for an upcoming test is to help someone else study. I know that sounds a bit odd but while you’re teaching them and memorizing it over for their sake you’re really remembering it yourself too and it’s helpful because you’re not just helping yourself but others as well, like killing two birds with one stone!
One of the most important aspects of high school is to make sure you’re staying organized! For some reason, the moment you lose something can be the reason why you are backed up with work for the next two weeks because you’re trying to redo the assignment you lost, trust me, I’ve been there.
A way to stay organized all starts with when you shop for school supplies. I personally like to get black everything, like black folders, black pens, and a black backpack, but in high school, the color of your materials never really matters in the end. Color coordinate your stuff, that way you know your english is yellow and your math is red! It makes life 1000 times better and easier if you do. Though if you’re like me and you prefer black over everything, I suggest stickers become your best friend, based on where my pokemon sticker is. I know that’s graphic novels class!
Being in my last year of high school, I do have to say it went by so fast in the blink of an eye, so regardless of who you are, please enjoy yourself. And make the most of these last years because you won’t get them back.
I spent a lot of my high school years, introverted and alone and I wish I would have made more friends and maybe got a little bit more involved socially at school. This is all coming from someone who spent years sitting at lunch alone and that’s perfectly okay! Just look around the cafeteria and find someone who’s sitting alone, chances are they are looking for some company too. I recently did that, and it was nice to hear someone’s different opinions and perspectives in life besides my own. I came to find out that truly I wasn’t alone dealing with issues either, and all that person was looking for was company too just like me, just like everyone else in high school.