WHS falls sports are in full swing


Fall has arrived and that means sports are back in action. I had the chance to talk to individuals and coaches on how their season is going. There are a decent amount of events that have taken place this fall, and many events in the near future.

Our football season hasn’t started the greatest, going 0-6 our first half of the season. Defensive end Trinity Moon and I got the chance to talk to Coach Brewster on how he felt the team was doing. “The season has been up and down, with a lot of individual improvement,” Coach Brewster stated enthusiastically. WHS Union and Mona Shores to end theiur season.

Volleyball has started and there off to a slow start. Sophomore Kalani Stowe says that the varsity team isn’t doing too hot to start the season off. Michelle McGee says the same thing. On JV, Isabelle Castro says the same thing. Hopefully the team looks to improve and get some wins this season.

The soccer season is starting to wrap up, with both Varsity and JV ending regular season play. Varsity faces Jenison in their first District game next week. Varsity ended up beating Muskegon, 8-0, in their last game of the regular season. They’re looking really good right now and I think we have a chance to do pretty good in the playoffs.

Cross Country has been doing pretty solid recently. I talked to Coach Pittman on how the season was going. “The boys are at the bottom of the conference, while the girls are tied for 1st with Union, and Muskegon,” he said. “Hopefully, we can do well in our last meet.” They have one final meet, and they hope to do their best.

Tennis is heading into the conference and district meets. “We’re not terrible, but we’re not the absolute best,” stated Logan Bos. Logan never had time to play in his tournament, so he looks to finish tournament play on Saturday. He mentions Rocco Albanese and Larry Minnema and talks about how they’ve been pretty solid this season. If Logan wins, he will face a player from the #2 ranked team in the state.