My thoughts on phone caddies

Are our phone pockets really effective?

Well the staff here at Wyoming High School seem to think so..

At Wyoming High School there is a new rule in order, and students are not thrilled about it. Our high school is mandating that each student puts their phone in a “phone cubby” during the beginning of each hour. The goal here is to stop students from being on their phones during class, in hopes that they’ll pay attention to the lesson and that they’ll be more productive overall.

As the school year has been progressing, I’ve wondered if putting our phones away has made any impact on our education. Even though I don’t 100% agree with this new rule, I can say for myself that it has been helping me stay a lot more focused during class. I was never the type to be on my phone all hour, my biggest issue was when we had time to work, I would find myself scrolling through any social app to avoid doing anything.

Even though it’s effective for some, I can’t say that it is for everyone. Some students have their own opinion about the new rule.

“I don’t like the restriction that it all has, we’re high schoolers,” said Adrianna, a senior here at Wyoming. “most of us pay for our own phone bills, and putting it in a cubby feels like I’m in preschool all over again.”

Vanessa is a junior and she definitely has her own strong opinion about the topic, “I feel like the school could have handled it differently, maybe being more strict, but putting our phones in cubbies seems over the top.”

We’re a newer generation and are always getting called out on being “addicted” to our devices but what people lack to realize is that we’ve grown up this way. We’ve seen technology progress and it’s inevitable for us to not use it as much as we do. I also find it funny how the people who complain about us being glued to our phones are the ones who are on it the most. So I would say this new phone pocket rule, could definitely use some changing.