Isaiah Clark is on a roll

Isaiah Clark is a well-known senior at WHS. From playing a tight end and defense tackle on our varsity football team, to winning Alpha Wolf 11 last year, he is sure to have some good luck coming his way.
When asked about how his senior year has been so far, Isaiah wasn’t hesitant to answer. “Really, really good. It’s gone by really fast,” he said.
And as his last year goes by fast, it’s also stressful. “It’s really nerve-racking. After I graduate, I’m only going to be seventeen so it’s going to be kinda hard to get a full time job,” he said.
With his senior year being anxious, Isaiah still has something he’s looking forward to this year. “Walking across the stage,” he said.
Almost everyone at WHS is aware that Isaiah is a star player on our varsity football team and is a very successful athlete in wrestling as well. However when asked if there was a future for the two after high school, he gave a very surprising answer. “I don’t think in wrestling, but maybe in football,” he said. “I don’t want to wrestle in college,”
Last year, Isaiah was voted Alpha Wolf 11, which he says has made a huge impact on his life. “It showed me that my kindness is being noticed and that I really need to keep it up,” he stated.
Because of sports, Isaiah has limited down time but makes the most of it. “Well in my lack of free time because of sports, I just hang out with Trista (his girlfriend) or with my family,” he said. When it comes to motivation, Isaiah has one person he looks up to. “Mahki Matthews, my older cousin,” he said. “He motivates me because he worked really hard and he got a scholarship to Ferris State, and he continues to motivate me by doing good and showing me that it’s possible.”
Isaiah also has some pretty innovative ideas after high school. “Either I will go to a trade school, if I don’t end up going and playing collegiate-level football,” he said. “Or if I do go play football then, go to college and get a teaching degree.”
Isaiah even has a college in mind. “It’s for a bad reason. I want to go to Oregon just for the uniforms, they look really cool,” he chuckled. Three of Isaiah’s favorite movies and tv shows include Friends, the entire Harry Potter series, and Central Intelligence. “It’s really funny!” he added.
Isaiah has a piece of advice to other high schoolers or those going into high school. “Your ninth grade year really really matters and you need to try hard enough, first year of high school.”