My Homecoming Experience


Music blaring, cheers, dancing, and muffled talking is probably the most simple understanding of homecoming. Just a place for a few scruffy teenagers to get pretty and be a different person for a night while having fun, it’s the least they deserve.

2021’s Homecoming is something I don’t know how to feel about. As a senior, it’s my last high school homecoming, so I’m supposed to enjoy it to the fullest. It was better than the last homecoming I went to, which was my sophomore year. My sophomore year’s homecoming consisted of leaning against a wall in painful shoes in a dusty gymnasium most of the time.

This year I could appreciate the fact it was out in the courtyard so you could get some fresh air and everyone wasn’t just cluttering the air. Though you could also go inside if you so pleased. I decided to stay out no matter how cold I got since the fresh air was probably one of the best parts.

Before homecoming was kind of a disaster though, I showed up a solid hour late because my hair wasn’t cooperating (like it ever does). I eventually got it into a semi-decent look, though it still wasn’t amazing but at that point, I didn’t really care anymore. Plus it’s kind of the thing to do to show up late to homecoming, I was walking in with a huge crowd of fellow late students anyways.

The music? Ehhhh… definitely could have been better but I can’t complain since they were taking music suggestions the entire week. I also drowned out a lot of the music while listening to my friends. I guess one of my favorite parts was the tiny Rice Krispies Treats, only because I love them a lot.

Now I think the main problem for my homecoming experience was the fact I didn’t have anyone to go with. I wasn’t going to go in the first place if one of my friends didn’t invite me, but other than that, I showed up empty-handed in the friends’ department. I just wandered in and hoped for the best, which was decent. I hung around with a couple of acquaintances for a good majority of the dance and we stood and talked until it came time for them to leave. After that, I was again, alone. A lot of it consisted of me on my phone but one of my old friends showed up, which probably saved the entire night. To be honest, it had to have been the highlight of the night.

Despite the fact that I have an abnormal dislike of school dances, this one was kind of okay. I would definitely redo the night if I could, which says a lot. So overall I would probably say this was probably the best school dance I’ve been to, even taking in all of the oddballs, but it’s always nice to get out every once in a while.