TA13OO (Taboo) is Denzel Curry’s Masterpiece


TA13OO (Taboo) is the 3rd studio album by Denzel Curry. It’s his most anticipated and even possibly his best work to date.
A notable thing about this album is that Denzel had it split into 3 acts, that being light, gray, and dark. The tracks in the 3 acts contain some pretty deep meaning, if you listen to the lyrics you realize things are getting darker as the album goes on corresponding with each act.
The album before release was supported by five singles, Clout Cobain, Sumo, Percs, Vengeance, and Black Balloons. Each single basically represented how different the songs can change, ranging from the weird but surprisingly unique sound of Vengeance, to the hype of Sumo/Percs, to the more uplifting beat of Black Balloons, and to the dark and surreal of Clout Cobain.
If you’re only listening to these songs you probably would get the wrong ideas behind the song’s meanings. For example, watching the music video for Clout Cobain you see it’s not really just another sad song but it’s about how society and the entertainment industry is. If you want the success/fame as a rapper you need to face the bad side that comes along with it. Most artists get into drugs while everyone just watches for their own entertainment instead of trying to help. It’s almost as if everything Denzel mentions in the album is taboo.
But besides all that it’s a pretty good album. I give it a perfect A+.