Packers dominate Lions in the second half 35-17

In week two the Lions played the Packers away at Lambeau Field. After the Packers’ devastating loss to the Saints 38-3 some people started to believe that the Lions had a chance, including me. That we could just take out our claws and slice the hopes out of Green Bay fans for the rest of the season, but of course we couldn’t.

In the first half the Lions and Packers were pretty neck and neck. The Lions would score a touchdown on the first drive with a pass to Quintez Cepheus in the endzone. This gave us Lions fans the fire we needed, until we realized that this was going to be an offensive showdown. We realized that the Packers were just going to move on us with ease when our defense just couldn’t come up with any kind of stop on the first drive, and they ended up scoring a touchdown.

Aaron Jones was on fire in this game and scored four touchdowns on the Lions in total, although all of them were receiving touchdowns, but one. He scored two receiving touchdowns in the first half, and scored one receiving and one running touchdown in the second half. Overall, he would probably be the player of the game for the Packers scoring all four of those touchdowns.

The second half pass to Davante Adams that led to a 22 yard touchdown for Robert Tonyan seemed to get the Green Bay Packers rolling in the second half and led to them taking the lead in the second half. This is the point when most Lions fans felt like it was over and that they didn’t have much of a chance after that had happened leading to a win for the Green Bay Packers 35-17.

Overall, I would say that the Detroit Lions coaching staff is really good at looking at film and making a game plan for what they see on film, at least on offense. In my opinion, the first two drives worked out because they were scripted to work, and once we kicked that field goal the Packers started to figure out our script. So, as any good NFL team would do that adjusted at the half, right? The Packers changed up their script at half and the Lions didn’t adjust at all, which led to the Lions getting destroyed for the whole second half in my opinion.

If I had to give the Lions a grade on this game against the Packers on Monday night football, I would probably give them two grades. A B+ in the first half and a D- in the second half. These would be my grades because the Lions were able to be successful on offense in the first half, but were only able to stop them on defense once. In the second half the Lions fell apart on both sides of the ball, they didn’t adjust at all, which overall led to their doom against the Packers at Lambeau Field. See you next week with updates and analysis on the Ravens v.s Lions game in week three.