my summer experience …

My summer did not summer how summer’s are supposed to summer.

Ever since the first day of school, I couldn’t wait for the last. Last school year was a trip, it was all so unmotivating, I just couldn’t wait to finish the semester so I could finally have time to disentangle myself from everything. I had such high hopes for this summer and this is how it went.

I’m not sure how to go about this without sounding so negative. I was just disappointed in how it all played out. Not all of it was bad, I did do some fun things but the rest of my days felt wasted. I was constantly working and barely had days to myself. Not to mention the weather we had.. The thing I enjoy most about summer is the sun, which was barely present. I love hot summers but the temperature changed every week and it was not a vibe.

This summer made me realize that I’m actually getting older. I had so much free time when I was younger, everything used to be new and exciting, but now I have all these responsibilities that take the fun out of it all. If anything, I’m even more determined to have an even better summer next year, which won’t be hard due to how boring this one was.

Anyways, any boring summer is still better than being at school for 9 months straight.