Why do we need a dress code?


What is a dress code and why do we need a dress code in school ? Well, a dress code is a set of rules usually written and posted, specifically the required manner of dress at a school and why we have a dress code in all schools. Well, they said that it provides guidance to students and parents as to appropriate attire for school and at any school functions.

I am here to say that there are pros and cons to having a dress code in schools and that I feel like personally that we don’t need a dress code. I feel like our choice of clothes doesn’t define us and I don’t feel like the way people dress affects other people’s learning skills. There are definitely other things that can affect students’ learning skills. The way people dress is not one of the reasons.

Dress coding is a kind of body shaming. Just because everyone body shape is different some girls are slim/skinny and some other girls that´s more on the cubby/thick and so maybe some girls will feel not confident in their body and somewhat shape and form it is sexist for us young adult ladies and how we are the only ones that get dress code from what kind of shorts, shirts,and legging/pants.

So today I went out and interview some other young ladies about dress code and here is what she had to say: ¨ I feel like some rules with the dress code is necessary because some females like to show out a little bit too much and which that could be a little bit distracting, but besides that, I feel like we don’t need a dress code. I feel like we as older young adults should be responsible to know what to wear and what not to wear to school. I feel like in high school we should wear what we want to wear because we are becoming adults and it should be stricter in the middles/elementary schools.¨