Everything You Need about Homecoming


Wyoming students on flannel day!

It’s like the excitement electrifies the air, everyone rushes around with so many projects to do and so many things to experience. It’s the week of homecoming, the biggest thing at the start of the school year that everyone can finally get excited about. The cheers and chants rip through the school in every way as everyone comes together for a simple week before returning to the boring old schedule.

There’s so many things to do that come along with homecoming. Such as spirit week, the football game, the carnival, and the actual dance. What’s there to not get excited about? The entire student body comes together on so many things to show the school pride for once. That’s the entire point of spirit week, five different outfits for five different days. Monday was most likely the simplest, flannels. Tuesday was pajama day, Wednesday was college/jersey day, Thursday was duo/twinning day. The biggest day of them all, Friday, was wolf pride day, sophomores wear white, juniors wear purple, and seniors wear black.

Friday is one of the biggest days of homecoming week, the day of the football game, pep rally, and carnival. Some say it’s an even bigger day than Saturday when the homecoming dance occurs. The football game is at home from seven to around nine-thirty against Holland. The pep rally for the game occurs at the end of the school day with 10 minutes shaved off every hour to gain the time, so the pep rally should be from around 1:15 to 2:15. Pep rallies usually include class games all get to watch and some even participate in, cheers, and dances. It’s all purely for the purpose of getting the students riled up for the game. The more spirit, the better. The carnival that should include fun games and food offered to all from Ms. Tran around 4:30 to 6:30 before the football game. So overall, Friday is the most exciting day out of them all with the most activities going on. No wonder why people say it’s even better than the dance itself.

Ahh… Saturday. The day of the dance. It’s all to look pretty and get together with friends for a night of fun. This year’s theme for homecoming is The Roaring 20’s to match the fact it’s 2021 and we’ve entered the 20’s, fitting along with the 1920s. But let’s be honest… who actually follows the theme? Sure some people might, but many just dress up nicely and that’s perfect enough.

Saturday night on September 18th from 8 pm to 11 pm everyone gets their dance on. Though this year the dance looks like it’ll be mainly in the courtyard instead of the main gym but there will most likely be some activities in the gym. Though masks will be required if you’re inside the building, not if you’re outside.

Tickets for homecoming were sold the week of homecoming at all lunches for $13 and will NOT be sold at the door. As well as music requests will not be taken at the dance. Lastly… students have to bring a form of identification whether that be a school I.D. or driver’s license. Do we know why students need a form of identification? Nope, not entirely. But nonetheless, it’s for a fun dance so it all becomes worth it for the high school experience.

So overall… homecoming week is probably the most exciting week of the school year as decorations flow through the entire school. Streamers, stars, posters, you name it and it’s probably there. All purely for the life of school pride to welcome students back at the start of the school year. So without further ado… have fun!