Detroit Lions almost complete comeback against the San Francisco 49ers late


The Detroit Lions faced the San Francisco 49ers this week and made it entertaining all the way to the end. In the first half the Lions looked good in the run game, but not very good in the pass game. The offensive line seemed to create plenty of holes against the 49ers stout defensive line for Jamaal Williams and D’Andre Swift to run through. Goff looked inaccurate and flustered throughout the start of the first half and got it together in the second half.

It was so bad that Goff only really completed short passes to his wide receivers in the first three quarters, which isn’t including TJ Hockenson. Which is obviously not the best performance on offense in the third quarter leading to bad throws and missed opportunities on offense that the 49ers gave them. For example, on the 49ers first drive when Jimmy Garoppolo fumbled the snap and we recovered it on their own 25 or so, we weren’t able to come up with any points and that could’ve been huge for the ending of the game.

More missed opportunities and bad plays on defense led to the Lions losing overall. Jeff Okudah let a 79 yard bomb to Deebo Samuel on the sideline leading to one of the 49ers many touchdowns. As well as the defense not getting one stop against the 49ers in the first half, other than the fumble by Jimmy Garoppolo, our defense had zero stops until the second half. Which is not very good, but also expected for our defense to not stop too many teams this year.

In the fourth quarter we made a huge comeback attempt that ultimately failed. We were down 38-10 at the half and made the game so close that it was 41-33 by the end of the game. This was a very exciting ending to watch for me as a Lions fan. It helped us get hyped up for what we could do for the rest of the season because in the first three quarters our team fell flat. In the last two minutes the Detroit Lions looked like a completely different team and fought all the way to the end which is what we like to see as lions fans. Last year in Matt Patricia’s regime players gave up after we were losing big, we never would’ve had the fight to even try and come back in this game like we did.

The comeback was pretty insane. The Detroit Lions looked like they were a good team in the last two minutes of the fourth quarter and I think that they will be able to surprise many teams this year that think they have our team in the bag. Being the underdog to a lot of teams sometimes isn’t fun, but when you upset a team as the underdog by a lot of points, that’s just when the NFL gets really good, because of how unpredictable it really is. Overall, the Detroit Lions lost 41-33 and we don’t do morals victories here in Detroit so I would give them a C+ overall on their performance. Next week we’ll see you here with an update on the Packers V.S Lions game.