Sophomore year is sooo fun!!

Sophomore year is like the middle child of the family. You’re just right in the middle of things, you sorta know your way around but still have so much left ahead of you. All I can say is that this year played out way differently than I expected it to.

Now that this year is finally winding down, I feel a sense of relief. I’ve never been so ready for summer in my whole life. I mean this year wasn’t the worst, but it definitely was rough. After restless nights of cramming for tests, crying over grades, and being overstressed, I am just so happy to be seeing an end to all this.

I will spend this summer repairing my mental health by making s’mores, going to the lake, and doing whatever I want. Summer is the only freedom that we get when you think about it. After high school there won’t be anymore three month long vacations to just chill: you gotta go to work or do something.

Growing up seems so exhausting and is so scary because there’s nothing that we can do to stop it from happening. I guess for now I’ll try my best not to think about what’s yet to come and enjoy my youth for right now.